Indiana Public Health Training Center

Dedicated to the improvement of public health practices

The Indiana Public Health Training Center (IPHTC) is dedicated to the improvement of public health practices for the health, safety, and welfare of Hoosiers. As a collaborative, multi-disciplinary organization, IPHTC promotes, supports, and delivers public health education to improve the skills and abilities of Indiana’s public health professionals

The IPHTC selected Coggno as its eLearning platform for its flexibility and functionality. With a membership throughout Indiana, the IPHTC needed a means of delivery and reporting that would distribute the curriculum effectively and meet the demands of the program’s growing population.

The IPHTC user base has spans the spectrum of technological skill, and the need to deliver training and certification to this community in a sophisticated and functional manner was a primary requirement. Learners need the opportunity to assess levels of public health competency, develop an education plan, and access competency-based courses to improve professional development.

A LMS Platform that met the demands of a community whose national goal is to build competencies was a principal element in IPHTC’s decision to partner with Coggno for training delivery.





At a Glance


Industry: Public Health

Location: Indiana

Customer Since: June 2011

Use Case: SCORM coupled with Coggno Assessment tools

Why Coggno:

  • Flexibility
  • Ability to scale quickly
  • Ease of use for end user