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Is Facebook Worth Including in Our Learning Systems? Pt. 2

Greenfield believes government ministers’ work on internet regulation has not yet looked at the broad cultural and psychological effect of online friendships via Facebook, Bebo and Twitter. And despite anecdotal evidence and hype surrounding the integration of Web 2.0 technologies in education, the fact is that there are few studies which give real evidence on […]

Engaging, Can-Do Learning Systems

Leon Battista Alberti said it best: “A man can do all things if he will.” Educators and organizations that apply 21st century skills in their learning systems demonstrate this fact. All over the world schools and organizations are using online tools and LMSs to encourage students to work together to solve environmental and societal problems. […]

Taking Students into the Future with LMSs

ICT literacy is much more than just having good technology skills and familiarity with LMSs and collaborative online tools. It is learning core subjects combined with the application of these learning skills and communication tools. So what will 21st century skills programs actually do for students, and how can an LMS help? Many objectives are listed […]

21st Century Skills Learning Systems: Just a Fad?

Many people dismiss “21st century skills” as a pedagogical fad. Although the 21st century skills tenets–creative thinking, collaboration, problem-solving, etc–are sound, there are also some valid emperor-has-no-clothes critiques of this recent learning system buzz phrase. For example, some critics point out that most Asian classrooms–for example India, China, and Malaysia–are ill-equipped in resources such as […]

Creative 21st Century Learning Systems

By encouraging students to memorize information and pass tests, too often American learning systems also discourage students to think creatively and critically. This style has not only contributed to the lack of competitiveness in American learning systems and workplaces, but it’s lacked the kind of energy that creates enthusiasm for learning and a sense of […]

Creating a National Learning System for the 21st Century

What’s so novel about 21st century skills? Innovative educators who use engaging projects, LMSs and other technology in their learning systems are certainly nothing new. In discussing 21st century skills, many teachers claim to have already implemented styles like modeling instruction, which is based on the work of Arizona State University physicist David Hestenes. But […]

Slow and Steady Learning System Shift

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills, working to infuse 21st century skills into America’s learning systems, claims its goal is to provide students with a rigorous, world-class education that encourages critical and creative thinking. But Jay Matthews of the Washington Post senses that its expectations are for “all-at-once” change, “a common failing of reform movements.” […]

A 21st Century Skills Learning System in West Virginia

Teaching 21st century skills takes learning systems out of the isolated classroom and into the real world. In one project at Horace Mann Middle School in Charleston, West Virginia, students are engaged in an elaborate community learning system. They are working to create formal plans to renovate the front grounds of the school for its […]