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3D Learning System and the Architecture Paradigm Shift, Pt. 3 2

A new architectural language has been created to suit the increasing complexity of contemporary life. Architect Patrick Schumaster calls it a “new long wave of innovation”. He claims that because of 3D learning systems and software, architects are experiencing the same kind of energy that people had when they returned from the Crusades in the […]

3D Learning System and the Architecture Paradigm Shift, Pt. 3

3D Learning Systems and the Architecture Paradigm Shift, Pt. 2

Online learning systems and software have impacted architectural design to a revolutionary degree.  As architects experiment, they are able to imagine greater potential in architecture which previously were considered impossible. Largely as a result of online learning systems, many architects believe we are on the cusp of an exciting new era of architectural creativity. 3D […]

The Untapped Learning System Potential of 3D Web

While virtual worlds offer vast potential as a learning system and collaborative space for adults as well as children, they also have a long way to go before that ideal is a reality. Especially for children, virtual worlds continue to offer escapist, fantasy lands that too often miss the opportunity to serve as positive learning […]

Sketching Software for Online Learning Systems

Like gesturing, sketching is also lacking in 3D web learning systems. Sketching could involve actually drawing on a whiteboard or a piece of paper. But in today’s online learning system community, “sketching” often refers to doing calculations on a spreadsheet, editing a document, developing flow charts, or modeling products. Simulation software like that of the […]

LMS Group Communication Tenets

Employee training across town, states, or countries has never been easier or more cost-effective. One way to efficiently organize training and team projects is to team up your LMS with Web 2.0 communication technologies. Web 2.0 and 3D virtual worlds technology can aid LMS-hosted training in a variety of ways. Whether you’re operating in virtual […]

There’s No “I” in LMS, Pt. 2

As educators and businesses steer their students and employees toward 3D web collaboration, many users may wonder why phone calls, LMS chat boards, and VoIP conferencing aren’t enough. When handled well, what makes 3D tools better than an LMS for teamwork? When paired with audio capabilities, the 3D world provides a spatial environment that enhances […]