Aerobic Exercise and Brain Power

The National Center for Health Statistics reports that the prevalence of obesity in adult Americans is 32.2%, while the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry reports between 16-33% of children and adolescents are obese. But the obesity epidemic not only affects adults who lead sedentary office lives or kids […]

Encourage Exercise = Save Cash in Company Learning Systems

A simple way to encourage exercise in your organization’s learning system or training program is to use energizers to get participants going. These may include breaks, question and answer sessions, LMS-hosted activities, or exercises. After a morning and/or afternoon dedicated to a residential learning system, encourage participants to use the […]

Active Bodies, Active Minds in Workplace Learning Systems, Pt. 2

“Life is movement,” Aristotle said. Like Dr. John J. Ratey’s book which explores the connection between exercise and the brain, in John Medida’s book Brain Rules, he asserts that exercise makes students in a learning system perform better intellectually. Studies show that thinking skills are improved by exercise, which stimulates […]

Active Bodies, Active Minds in Workplace Learning Systems, Pt. 1

Getting the heart pumping isn’t only important for the age bracket of school learning systems. Aerobic exercise–which should involve sweat and a nicely accelerated heartbeat–causes a rush of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is associated with feelings of pleasure. Dopamine has been shown to slow metabolism in areas of the brain […]

Aerobic Exercise and Learning System Performance, Pt. 4

Medical College of Georgia (MCG) researchers say that less than an hour of daily exercise reduces depressive symptoms and improves self-esteem in overweight children. The study included 207 overweight, typically sedentary children ages 7-11 randomly assigned to either continue their normal, sedentary routine or exercise for 20 or 40 minutes […]

Aerobic Exercise and Learning System Performance, Pt. 3

Dr. John J. Ratey will be in Richmond, Virginia this month to talk about his book, “Spark–The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain,” and the link it makes between exercise and active, healthier minds. Another recent conference in Richmond touched on similar themes, entitled: “Save Our Kids: The […]

Aerobic Exercise and Learning System Performance, Pt. 2

Plato said it well: “The body is the source of all energy and initiative.” In our LMS and classroom learning systems, how can we justify a strong emphasis on active, healthy minds while maintaining an outrageous neglect for the body? Many people don’t realize that exercise isn’t just an avenue to […]

Aerobic Exercise and Learning System Performance, Pt. 1