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Pocket-Sized Learning Management System Podcasts 1

With more organizations adopting their own learning management system, the traditional style of creating and distributing knowledge is being redefined. Whether it’s corporate training or classroom pedagogy, interactive tools like LMSs and Web 2.0 technologies are seeing an end to the days in which one person dominated the floor and simply dispensed information to an […]

Creating Podcasts for an LMS, Pt. 2

Continued from the last blog are the steps for creating a podcast, whether for LMS course material, educational purposes, or just for fun. Find a comfortable, quiet spot. You’ll want to feel comfortable to speak naturally, and the less background noise, the higher quality your podcast will have. Open your recording software, press record, and […]

Creating Podcasts for an LMS, Pt. 1

Excited about creating podcasts for your LMS course material? Creating a podcast is a piece of cake, especially using Apple’s Podcast Producer. The FSI Learning Team at the University of Illinois recorded a useful podcast walking listeners through the podcasting process. Follow these easy steps to create a podcast for an LMS course, or just […]

Time and Learning Management Are the Keys To Create A Perfect Homeschooling Environment

Great Learning Management System Podcasts, Pt. 2

The content of a podcast depends on the learning management system and course material. Providing intriguing material that piques listeners’ interest is essential to any learning management podcast. Otherwise, your listeners’ attention will begin to slip. True, choosing material that’s interesting is a matter of taste and opinion, but the way in which you present […]

Great Learning Management System Podcasts, Pt. 1

Podcasts are a wonderful addition to course material in a learning management system. They are easy to create, produce, and share, and listeners don’t need an iPod to listen to them. Podcasts are usually in the form of mp3 files, making them accessible to all learning management system users. What are the criteria for a […]

Coggno Adds a Dash of Apple for a Better LMS

Did you know that Coggno’s user interface and various tools are fully integrated with Apple software? The addition of Apple Podcast Producer to our LMS allows for streamlined recording, uploading, and converting of your proprietary content into a podcast for wider and more convenient distribution. Anyone can access it remotely, obtaining optimized playback on a […]

Coggno Adds a Dash of Apple for a Better LMS