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When You Speak, Speak Well: Tips On How to Effectively Communicate With Your Boss

For many of us, having a conversation with the boss can be like attempting to traverse a landmine without a map. We might be exceedingly articulate under normal circumstances, but give us an audience with the boss, and we’re as tongue tied as a basket of snakes. Formulate a Plan; Don’t Improvise The key to […]


Conflict in the Workplace is Key to Organizational Success

Conflict in the Workplace is Key to Organizational Success 6

Conflict. We see it on the news, from Bin Laden’s death to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We see it in our daily lives, personal and professional. At work, we might see it on refrigerator doors or in the tense dynamic between coworkers. Conflict is the very fabric of existence. Without it there would be no war, […]

Effects of Conflict Resolution Learning Systems

Student and staff responses to conflict resolution learning systems have been overwhelmingly positive. As schools open dialogue between students and provide processes for conflict resolution, teachers report fewer fights and more caring student behavior. Another positive effect is improved attendance. Teachers are able to concentrate more on their class learning systems, and students experience a […]

G.H. Varney’s Conflict Resolution Learning System

As with any learning system, there are a variety of styles out there for conflict management. G.H. Varney’s negotiation process is just one of many that trainees in a conflict management learning system may employ. Varney recommends bringing disputants together and asking: 1. What is the problem as you perceive it? 2. What does the […]

Making the Most of LMS Mediation Training

Online mediation training courses can greatly enhance conflict management education. Trainers can combine personal, face-to-face training with media such as television and LMS-hosted material. An LMS mediation course should include not only interactive material, quizzes and games, but also videos. Videos can provide trainees with real life conflict managing examples, and professionally acted dramatizations. An […]

Mediation and Curriculum-Based Learning Systems

In addition to the disparity in conflict resolution learning system resources between schools across America, the scope and purpose of each program also varies. Some districts offer only mediation programs, hoping to mitigate school violence. Others begin with mediation programs and create a more comprehensive learning system, adding a conflict resolution curriculum that calls for […]

Conflict Resolution Learning System Funding: Donations and Grants

If you’re searching for funding for a conflict resolution learning system, your school district isn’t the only resource available. You can also seek donations and apply for grants. Donations can be the result of school fundraising activities. Donations are given by people who believe they supporting an important cause. For learning systems such as peer […]

Conflict Resolution Learning System Funding: Your School District

The need for early conflict resolution education is being addressed, with an increasing number of school districts adopting conflict resolution learning systems. However, the disparity in resources from school to school can create a major barrier for some districts to adopt this kind of learning system. How can teachers find funding to implement a conflict […]