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Learning Management System Benefits

Companies and institutions using a learning management system may be impressed by the possibilities virtual worlds have to offer. However, there’s also reason to stick with what’s working for now. David F. Carr, speculating on whether or not businesses are ready for virtual worlds, describes a typical Second Life Town Hall meeting. Avatars show up […]

Learning Management System Tools for Visual-Spatial Learners

They say that a picture says a thousand words. To many learning management system students, this is no more than a casual reference to the power of images to conjure ideas. But for others, it’s a crucial learning concept that has both aided them and put them at a disadvantage at different points in their […]

Clear Courseware System Instructions

Most video game begin with some kind of narrative to get the player invested in the game. Present your courseware system learners with a dialogue between two people, or as a series of images that relate a sequence of events. Creating a narrative helps to reel the learner into your courseware system. Visuals and dialogue […]

Engaging Courseware System Narratives

A recent Writers Gateway article describes how creators can develop their courseware systems like a video or computer game. Sound crazy? It may be more feasible and simpler than you imagine. Every game follows a similar pattern that can be emulated in your courseware system. All games have a goal and steps to reach it. […]

Courseware System Author Forums

Maybe you’re a courseware system developer seeking a discussion forum to converse about the challenges and strategies involved in courseware creation. Some courseware system syndicators host forums where course developers can discuss their ideas, suggestions, etc. Coggno is one such platform, hosting an author-to-author discussion forum for anyone involved in the e-learning industry. Coggno’s goal […]

Sans-Serif Typeface in Online Courseware

I’ve written in previous posts about the importance of choosing an online courseware typeface carefully. Sans-serif fonts like the one used in this blog are the best for facilitating fast reading of online courseware material. But I failed to mention what sans-serif typeface actually is. Of course, “sans” is the French word for “without.” So […]

More on Courseware System Fonts

Font is an influential aspect of your courseware system design, just like your logo and colors. If you’re a font fanatic like me, there exists the danger of choosing a favorite style that may be comfortable for you to read, but not for all courseware system users. Ariel, Times New Roman, and Verdana are alright, […]

Courseware System Text

Everyone has different views on font styles. These views range from complete indifference to near-fanaticism. Recently I was at a party where an offhanded remark about a certain font (it was Garamond 12) launched into a ten-minute conversation about the beauty and intrigue of different fonts. It was, as you might imagine, interrupted and cut […]