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Adding a Virtual World to Your Courseware System

I’ve said that adults and young people alike may be engaged by courseware systems that apply gaming concepts in their interactive and narrative designs. But what about teachers who want to go beyond websites, courseware systems, whiteboards and discussion forums in their classroom blended learning environments? BBC contributor Bill Thompson recently attended ReLIVE08, a conference […]

Courseware System Video Tools

While listening to a teacher lecture for hours doesn’t suit many visual learners, watching a dynamic speaker demonstrate a lesson does. Visual learners are sensitive to body language, and often have an advanced ability to “read” people. Many visual-spatial learners aren’t able to depend on their ears for information, so they develop incredible visual and […]

An Increasingly Challenging Courseware System

Some games give instructions in written text, while others provide a guided tutorial where you play the first level of the game, or an introductory level, with assistance. Just remember–the student’s likeliness of becoming instantly engaged, as well as the danger of becoming immediately discouraged, depends largely on the first few moments with your courseware […]

Clear Courseware System Instructions

Most video game begin with some kind of narrative to get the player invested in the game. Present your courseware system learners with a dialogue between two people, or as a series of images that relate a sequence of events. Creating a narrative helps to reel the learner into your courseware system. Visuals and dialogue […]

Engaging Courseware System Narratives

A recent Writers Gateway article describes how creators can develop their courseware systems like a video or computer game. Sound crazy? It may be more feasible and simpler than you imagine. Every game follows a similar pattern that can be emulated in your courseware system. All games have a goal and steps to reach it. […]

Courseware Systems with Gamer Appeal

Why not design your courseware system with an appeal to the ever-expanding gamer demographic? Interactive courseware systems have the power to attract a wide audience. According to a survey by Pew Internet & American Life Project, 97% of all teenagers age 12 to 17 play video games of some sort, whether it’s on a console, […]