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The Next Generation of E-Learning Offers Exciting New Course Options

While we continue to embrace the concept of learning outside the classroom, the one obstacle that many learners have is that they have to contend with boring coursework. We all know that staying awake in school or the seminar room was sometimes an issue, but when your livelihood depends on receiving necessary training to keep […]

E-Learning Helps Keep Expenses Down for Cost-Conscious Students 5

A college education is becoming unattainable for many without the financial means to make it happen. The U.S. government is proposing cuts to financial aid and unsubsidized student loans, leaving many out in the cold when it comes to obtaining the college degree that will help secure that well-paying job. Students are Beginning to Rack […]

Consider an E-Learning Career as a Viable Employment Alternative 2

E-learning has changed the educational landscape and opened up a world of new opportunities for educators. Those who no longer want to teach in the traditional classroom can put their skills to use in challenging and exciting positions outside the usual academic grind. What Types of Jobs are Available? Currently, there are a wide variety […]

Life-Long Learners Benefit From the Use of E-Learning Courses 4

Many school districts are beginning to realize the benefits of e-learning for their students. But, what about the benefits for teachers, or so-called “life-long learners”? School boards in many states have professional development requirements that educators and staff must adhere to in order to keep their certifications and licenses valid. E-learning makes the task of […]

Online Learning Tools for Microsoft App Expertise 9

Online learning isn’t just for college students, but adults seeking to learn the universal business language of software skills. If you’re in the job market, you’ve probably seen many ads that read something like “Computer skills are a must” or “The ideal candidate for this position is computer savvy.” You might be expected to use […]

Master Online Learning in Your Free Time 5

Online learning, or distance education, is growing not only among full-time college students, but is increasingly used by adults working full-time jobs who like its flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Even though the economy is supposedly back on its feet, many are still without employment or, not much better off, in a position that isn’t ideal only because they believe it […]

Payment and the Other Nitty Gritty of LMS Course Creation

Successful compliance and management training has the power to save organizations a significant amount of time and money. And when organizations adopt e-learning solutions through a pay-per-use LMS such as Coggno, the costs of training itself are significantly less than those of commercial LMS licenses and traditional training methods. For this reason and others, more […]