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eBook Online Courseware Security

Besides creating easy-to-use, comfortable and convenient eBook reader models, more will have to be done to convince the public to switch from their traditional paper books. Many people regard the shift in a similar way to learning material like online courseware. That is, although there may be something special about a paper-bound book (or a […]

eBook Reader Prices for Online Courseware Users 1

Price will probably be the greatest obstacle to overcome for eBook readers. Kindle’s price of $400 puts it out of the average online courseware user’s budget. And though Kindle’s rights protection technology is convenient in some ways, users also complain that Kindle charges for material that’s free on the internet. There are costs for accessing blogs […]

Online Courseware Rights Protection in eBook Readers

In a previous blog I said that the rights of online courseware developers, authors and publishers need to be protected by eBook readers. However, this needs to happen as part of a new business model for distributing reading material. As it is now, eBooks are still too expensive. EBooks shouldn’t be sold at a price […]

Creative eBook Features for Online Courseware

In addition to the basic ones outlined here, there are some additional features that will separate the wildly popular eBook readers from the just popular or unpopular. These include text-to-speech, annotation tools, the ability to size up the font for when we get older, and expandable storage using an SD or CF card. What other […]

Wireless eBook Reader for Online Courseware 1

One essential eBook reader feature that goes especially well with online courseware users is a built-in wireless connection. For example, Kindle’s wi-fi access makes buying and reading books simple and convenient. EBook Readers with wireless technologies allow content to be loaded faster, an important feature for online courseware users with busy lives. Knowledge Center analyst […]

eBook Reader in Online Courseware Future, Pt. 4

The shortcomings of today’s eBook readers will need to be overcome in order to secure their place in the online courseware world. One feature that eBook readers will need is integrated animation and video. In regular books, photos are sometimes designated to the middle of the book, where they’re bunched together to save on reproduction […]

eBook Reader in Online Courseware Future, Pt. 3

Say you come across an unfamiliar word in your online courseware, or a newspaper article, or a novel you’re reading. With online courseware, of course, you have the internet at your fingertips as a vocabulary resource. But maybe you’re commuting to work and passing your time on the train with a good book. Have you […]

eBook Reader in Online Courseware Future, Pt. 2

Another feature that will help move eBook readers into the future of online courseware is a high-contrast, high-resolution color display. Imagine: it’s a bright, sunny day and you’d like to do some reading by the pool. With a high quality eBook reader, you should be able to study your online courseware material both indoors and […]