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Avoiding Common Online Training Content Mistakes 2

  Online training courses are meant to be convenient, cost-effective alternatives to seminars and other forms of training that usually put most people to sleep. When we were young students, there was nothing worse than having to slog through a boring textbook. When we entered the workforce, the bane of our existences was having to [...]


Businesses are Desperate for Cheaper and More Effective Training Programs

Businesses are Desperate for Cheaper and More Effective Training Programs

Since 2009, the investment of companies into training systems has surged.  In year-to-year comparisons, this spending was 2 percent in 2010, 10 percent in 2011 and 12 percent in 2012.  This reflects the growing recognition by corporate leaders that their employees need more skills to compete in an ever diversifying environment. This upward trend also [...]

Mobile Technology Promises to Revolutionize eLearning 1

In 2012, mobile devices like tablets, e-readers and smartphones with oversized viewing screens surged in popularity.  A recent survey by Forbes showed that almost 50 percent of their more than 100,000 business clients use the tablet as a platform for business applications.  Greater competition led to lower retail costs which helped the sale of 119 [...]

Mobile Technology Promises to Revolutionize eLearning

Online Training Programs are a Springboard for Success

Online Training Programs are a Springboard for Success

The popularity of online training programs has been growing exponentially almost every year since 2005.  According to an Ambient Insight report the independent e-learning products and services industry is expected to top $7 billion by 2015. This rapid growth in online programs is expected to continue through the coming years, and your company needs to [...]

Coggno Unveils Teach Free Program

Coggno is delighted to announce the start of the Teach Free program which allows educators to use the Coggno Learning Management System free of charge.  We hope that you will participate in this program and use the many tools that Coggno has to offer to inspire and excite students about learning. In order to participate [...]


A Quick Look at the Beginnings of Online Education

Believe it or not, e-learning first got its start back in the 1960s at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne, where students and teachers were able to interact with each other, and teachers were able to track their students’ progress throughout the term. Of course, back then, not everyone had access to a computer; why [...]

Things You Need to Know When Managing Your First Team 1

“ I walked into the conference room,  there were 8 team members sitting there waiting for me. I didn’t know who knew what, who was supposed to be doing what, and worst of all, hardly knew their names”. When managing a team, particularly a team that is new to you one critical factor is evaluating [...]