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This is an oldie, but a goodie – enjoy! Prospective College Students Need to Watch Their Backs When Utilizing Social Media Colleges and universities are getting hip to the overwhelming percentage of prospective students who use social media as their most common form of communication. The rising trend among admissions […]

You a high school senior on social? College admissions officers ...

Another way to build momentum and overcome procrastination of LMS coursework is to avoid internet addictions. You’re not alone–more and more people are wasting precious time each day on unproductive, time-consuming online activities when we really should be working, completing LMS coursework, or getting outside and exercising. According to a […]

Building Momentum and Fighting Procrastination in an LMS Course, Pt. ...

Teaming Web 2.0 technologies with online courseware is providing many students with a more interactive learning experience. And more online courseware teachers are beginning to choose which technologies they’d like to try out. Advertising styles becomes one factor worth considering for many online courseware teachers, and fortunately an increasing number […]

Pairing Online Courseware with Unobtrusive Web 2.0