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You a high school senior on social? College admissions officers are cyber-stalking you! 7

This is an oldie, but a goodie – enjoy! Prospective College Students Need to Watch Their Backs When Utilizing Social Media Colleges and universities are getting hip to the overwhelming percentage of prospective students who use social media as their most common form of communication. The rising trend among admissions offices is to not only […]

keeping college admissions in mind

Online Training Takes Learning Remote

Online Training Takes Learning Remote

Online training has revolutionized the learning and training experience as we know it. Not too long ago we were still using windows dos, dial up, computers the size of an entire brand name viagra room, and big floppy disks. Now we live in an age where we have streamline laptops, portable computers that we can […]

Bringing Learning Systems to the Students, Pt. 2

Status updates on sites like Facebook, Yammer, Twitter and Friendfeed are an increasingly popular form of online communication. So much so, that people are starting to call it “email 2.0.” This burgeoning breed of real-time, pervasive internet is developing right before our eyes. In what form will it take in our learning systems, and the […]

Building Momentum and Fighting Procrastination in an LMS Course, Pt. 3

Another way to build momentum and overcome procrastination of LMS coursework is to avoid internet addictions. You’re not alone–more and more people are wasting precious time each day on unproductive, time-consuming online activities when we really should be working, completing LMS coursework, or getting outside and exercising. According to a survey conducted by online compensation […]

Pairing Online Courseware with Unobtrusive Web 2.0

Teaming Web 2.0 technologies with online courseware is providing many students with a more interactive learning experience. And more online courseware teachers are beginning to choose which technologies they’d like to try out. Advertising styles becomes one factor worth considering for many online courseware teachers, and fortunately an increasing number of Web 2.0 companies are […]

Spicing up Your Courseware System, Sans Obnoxious Ads

The obstacles schools face in integrating Web 2.0 technologies into their existing LMSs or courseware systems are often tough to overcome. However, if your school does have the means and you’ve got some ideas you want to explore, using blogs, discussion boards, wikis, podcasts, etc, the vast terrain of Web 2.0 is your playground. And […]

Influential Online Learning Systems

The internet harbors an enormous power to mobilize people toward a cause. It becomes a vast web of learning systems and social linking networks, educating the masses on a topic and connecting individuals to other people. Take the recent U.S. election. Highly influential political learning systems on the net included everything from YouTube to Facebook, […]