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The Global Challenge Learning System, Pt. 4

Among the first Global Challenge team winners was Michael Gibson. He worked with Chinese and American students in a science learning system to develop a 30-page business proposal for a car with an engine on each wheel, which would reduce friction and enhance efficiency. Talking to the Christian Science Monitor, Gibson recalled: “There were times […]

The Global Challenge Learning System, Pt. 3

The Global Challenge learning system includes several project areas. While some are designed especially for teams, others may be completed by individual students. Students have the option to form a team to compete in one competition while working on individual points as well. The Global Business Plan requires an international team to envision a global […]

The Global Challenge Learning System, Pt. 2

How does the Global Challenge learning system work? It uses game based learning, simulation, and web-based science resources to create international teams who compete to solve a science-related problem. Students are expected to use their personal initiative and work together in diverse teams to solve problems. Just like open source learning management systems, the free, […]

The Global Challenge Learning System, Pt. 1

The Global Challenge is an online science learning system for pre-college school students (ages 14-17) from all over the world. The project brings high school students together to engage in an interactive and truly global learning system, forming teams with international counterparts in other countries to work towards a solution to mitigate global warming. The […]

Engaging, Can-Do Learning Systems

Leon Battista Alberti said it best: “A man can do all things if he will.” Educators and organizations that apply 21st century skills in their learning systems demonstrate this fact. All over the world schools and organizations are using online tools and LMSs to encourage students to work together to solve environmental and societal problems. […]

Creative 21st Century Learning Systems

By encouraging students to memorize information and pass tests, too often American learning systems also discourage students to think creatively and critically. This style has not only contributed to the lack of competitiveness in American learning systems and workplaces, but it’s lacked the kind of energy that creates enthusiasm for learning and a sense of […]