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eBook Reader Prices for Online Courseware Users 1

Price will probably be the greatest obstacle to overcome for eBook readers. Kindle’s price of $400 puts it out of the average online courseware user’s budget. And though Kindle’s rights protection technology is convenient in some ways, users also complain that Kindle charges for material that’s free on the internet. There are costs for accessing blogs […]

Creative eBook Features for Online Courseware

In addition to the basic ones outlined here, there are some additional features that will separate the wildly popular eBook readers from the just popular or unpopular. These include text-to-speech, annotation tools, the ability to size up the font for when we get older, and expandable storage using an SD or CF card. What other […]

Wireless eBook Reader for Online Courseware 1

One essential eBook reader feature that goes especially well with online courseware users is a built-in wireless connection. For example, Kindle’s wi-fi access makes buying and reading books simple and convenient. EBook Readers with wireless technologies allow content to be loaded faster, an important feature for online courseware users with busy lives. Knowledge Center analyst […]

Electronic Books and Online Courseware, Pt. 2 1

Ebook readers like the iLiad and the Sony Reader are ideal not only for online courseware students, but for everyone who likes to read. Of course, an ebook reader is just that–a reader–not an actual book. It is simply a device that can store and display text in an easy-to-read manner. However, not all ebook […]