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Don’t Bemoan it, Own It: LMS Education Solutions

As educators, it’s easy to bemoan and criticize the trend of short attention spans in the digital generation. As a language teacher, for example, it’s like pulling teeth to coax students students unwilling to perform repetitious drilling. Memorization and rote learning, of course, gets a bad rap. For years repetition has been deemed an inadequate […]

Your Best Protection at Performance Review Time

In difficult economic times, often the only time when an employee can expect to receive a change in wages or pay scale is at a performance review. Usually once or twice a year, when management sits down with staff and discusses milestones, successes, achievements as well as gaps in performance throughout the previous year.  A […]

Scalable, Perfect-Fit Learning Management System Options to Suit Your Company Needs 1

When shopping around for a learning management system that perfectly fits the needs of your organization, you might consider seeking the help of an LMS consultant. Consultants can help you sort out all the nitty gritty in your decision-making process, bringing years of experience in the LMS industry to your aid. They are able to […]

Collaboration Across Coasts with Learning Management Systems

It may be an understatement to say that for distance learning and online training, a big hefty tool like a learning management system (LMS) is the most efficient and cost-effective means of delivery. In fact, online tools may be the only method to deliver training for companies with distance learning requirements. As extended networks of […]

Learning Management System Implements State of the Art Modules

Using a learning management system provides organizations with an end-to-end approach to develop talent and guarantees visible priorities of individuals, activities and events. We are aware that a LMS can perform a number of functions, administrative requests from scheduling trainings, to strategic requests like training gap analysis, aligning training modules with business goals etc. In […]

How Classroom Environment is Being Implemented Into the Learning Management System 1

Many people are upgrading their skills these days by using a learning management system (LMS). With a fast paced work environment, most organizations are implementing blended learning solutions that enable learners to experience the benefits of a classroom in a virtual environment. These learning systems can be invaluable and keep you updated about the various […]

Learning Management System Enables Easy Course Updates for Organizational Training 1

A learning management system or LMS is a database system that allows you to customize and track a training program or training system.  For an organization this can be extremely convenient.  You can create your course work for employees or students and track all aspects of the curriculum.  This is especially useful when it comes […]

Learning Management System: A Solution for Global Education

Learning Management System: A Solution for Global Education 1

Using a Learning Management System has many advantages when you have a global audience. It provides trainers, learners and moderators with a variety of features from administration of courses, documentation, tracking, scheduling courses, reporting, etc. Your LMS can provide your organization with a gamut of customized services that can increase efficiency and reduce training costs. […]