Learning Content

We’ve seen school buses festooned with colorful advertising. But what about inside the buses, and in actual schools? There is a host of ways in which children’s school environments and learning content are being commercialized. Many buses play BusRadio, which boasts of taking “targeted student marketing to the next level” […]

Ad-Blanketed Learning Content

For many budget-crunched school districts, raising funds for everything from learning content materials to entire departments is increasingly difficult. Many consider using advertising on school buses and other locations throughout the school to compensate for their lack of funds. Athletic departments have traditionally accepted sponsorship. But where do we draw […]

School Learning Content and Advertising

What can we do to offset the learning content children are being exposed to through TV advertising? The bombardment is truly overwhelming. Parents alone can’t tackle the problem. But they can help. Sit down with your kids and talk to them about what they’re seeing on TV and the internet. […]

Reducing Harmful Learning Content for Children

Is it possible for young viewers to simply tune out advertising learning content if they’re not interested? It’s difficult. The problem is that so much money is wrapped up in the industry–the whole corporate world depends on its effectiveness. No one can afford not to go to all lengths to […]

Psychological Warfare in Children’s Learning Content