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Online Training Videos Transform Course Content

Online training videos and classroom instructional videos are becoming an indispensable tool across the educational spectrum. Anymore, a video isn’t just a slick little gimmick to slap onto a course, mostly meaningless and devoid of impact. With sites like YouTube and TeacherTube inspiring ordinary people, educators, and course developers alike to create their own videos, [...]

Online Training Videos Transform Course Content

E-learning Course Checklist for Teachers 16

If you’re a teacher considering creating an e-learning course, put together a list of helpful resources and guidelines for creating an effective online learning experience. People choose e-learning courses for many reasons, including accessibility and flexibility. The cost effectiveness of online learning is another huge plus for many students. Learning can happen any time, anywhere, [...]

Lessons in Driving and LMS Pedagogy

In designing online training or other adult LMS courseware, close your eyes and remember the last time you really learned something. When was the last time you dug your nails into learning something complicated, be it a work-related LMS course or a more personal endeavor, like learning to play the guitar? If nothing comes to [...]

Create Your Own Online Web Design Course 6

These days, huge sums of money are handed over to people with a specific expertise—web design expertise. Are you a web designer? If so, you’re already aware of the value of your knowledge base. You may, on occasion, have considered sharing your expertise with other people—an enterprise which in itself can prove very lucrative. Have [...]

Retail Training: The Home-Grown Option 1

Retail training is another area that well suited to online LMS courses–and if the conditions are right, it’s particularly appropriate for the creation of customized training courses. Any company can benefit from retail training covering a variety of sectors, providing training for all employees within an organization, including store employees, operations managers, and owners. Of [...]

LMS Insurance Licensing Online Courses 1

Insurance licensing exams aren’t a walk in the park. Taking a pre-license exam online or a preparation course is a great idea for anyone studying for these exams. Through LMS platforms and other accredited education providers, studying for insurance licensing exams can be simple, cost-effective, and convenient. You can learn how to sell more life [...]

New Year, New Fitness Goals: How can an LMS take you there?

It’s that time of year again; a moment for reflection and action. For many both course content creators and learners, the new year signals an opportunity to renew dedications to projects, loved ones, work, or other areas of one’s life. And as we know, it’s also an important time to renew or develop commitments to [...]

How to Train the People behind the Skills 2

Many organizations suffer the consequences of poor training in the simple procedures of soft skills. An organization’s success depends not only on hard technical skills, but its members’ ability to work together effectively. Success can be jeopardized by factors such as inter-staff politics, personal agendas, lack of energy and commitment to organizational goals, and poor [...]