Learning Management System

  Unfortunately, it still comes a surprise to many online training content developers–and often too late–that in writing material for a learning management system course, less is more. This general rule of thumb applies particularly to the writing voice and creating readable and engaging content through concise and simple language. […]

Think Less, Not More When Creating Online Training Courses

It’s something many LMS students often lament; depending on their position, they may need to undergo compliance training. However, greater complaints down the line can be prevented if compliance training is completed in a serious and effective way. Compliance training may cover issues ranging from sexual harassment prevention, workplace safety, […]

Coggno’s LMS Activities Feature Enhances the Learning Experience

We get asked if we have an integrated authoring tool, not often, but enough to warrant a post outlining our position on integrated authoring tools. Here’s the short tweet: “Use a neutral authoring tool that will be supported by any LMS.” Not to sound disingenuous, but here at Coggno we […]

Beware LMS’s Proprietary Authoring Tools!

Online Training Videos Transform Course Content
Online training videos and classroom instructional videos are becoming an indispensable tool across the educational spectrum. Anymore, a video isn’t just a slick little gimmick to slap onto a course, mostly meaningless and devoid of impact. With sites like YouTube and TeacherTube inspiring ordinary people, educators, and course developers alike […]

Online Training Videos Transform Course Content

E-learning Course Checklist for Teachers 16
If you’re a teacher considering creating an e-learning course, put together a list of helpful resources and guidelines for creating an effective online learning experience. People choose e-learning courses for many reasons, including accessibility and flexibility. The cost effectiveness of online learning is another huge plus for many students. Learning […]

E-learning Course Checklist for Teachers