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Getting Acquainted with Learning Management System Tools

One obstacle that schools face in using a learning management system is that many educators are not well-equipped to use the technology. Training is expensive and often outside the possibilities of a school budget. Many educators are plunged into the stormy waters of unfamiliar technology without a paddle. Becoming closely familiar with a learning management […]

Learning Management System Video Quizzes

Creating and incorporating videos on a learning management system can transform lessons, activities and even entire courses. Learning management systems like Coggno offer an easy-to-use video tool for creating engaging videos. But how can teachers and course creators avoid the passive learning behavior that videos are capable of prompting? When creating your video, keep your […]

The Cost of LMS Conflict Management Training

As Derek Bok said, “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” Workplace conflict decreases productivity, creates factions, induces absenteeism, prompts resignation, makes recruitment difficult, and prevents creativity. So the skills necessary to manage workplace conflicts are worth every penny an organization might spend on LMS-delivered training. Arrange conflict resolution online training through your LMS. […]

All LMS Members are Created Equal

Take advantage of your LMS’s organizational functions to ensure that all team members understand their responsibilities and assignments. In addition, a team leader should confirm that each member feels that they have an important role in the team. Make it clear to each that his or her function is essential and of equal importance. If […]

Uniformity in an LMS Team

An invaluable piece of advice for managers using an LMS to organize teams: promote an atmosphere of equality. Implement uniform operating practices which everyone will be expected to conform to, such as work hours and conflict resolution processes. Uniformity of policy and treatment emphasizes the equality of team members. Downplay job titles of your team […]

Managerial Leadership Through an LMS 1

Tim Bryce offers some suggestions for managers using an LMS to organize teams from corporate departments or divisions. A manager, first and foremost, should lead. All teams require a leader who can communicate the goals the team is working for and provide direction, through an LMS and face-to-face. Whether it’s a virtual team organized on […]

Team-Thinking in a Learning Management System

Organizing teams within corporate divisions and departments on a learning management system is a simple task, but making a team actually work can prove a more difficult one. Although teams seem to be popping up everywhere in the corporate world, they are often teams in name only. One obstacle in using a learning management system […]

Are Virtual Worlds a Worthwhile Corporate Learning System?

Workplace virtual world supporters will claim that the return on investment will manifest itself in various ways, from more efficient training and less downtime to better collaboration and more rapidly developed products. But while some insist that 3D web opens up all kinds of opportunities for corporate learning systems, others remain skeptical. Of course, the […]