Regardless of circumstances within a company, an LMS that distributes effective online training courses is often the best way to cost effectively meet training objectives. But at a time when potential and existing clients are buttoning up their wallets because of economic difficulty, sales skills are particularly critical for organizations […]

Educate Your Sales Force Effectively (and On the Cheap) With ...

  Unfortunately, it still comes a surprise to many online training content developers–and often too late–that in writing material for a learning management system course, less is more. This general rule of thumb applies particularly to the writing voice and creating readable and engaging content through concise and simple language. […]

The Best Online Training Courses are Simple and Straightforward

With more organizations adopting their own learning management system, the traditional style of creating and distributing knowledge is being redefined. Whether it’s corporate training or classroom learning, interactive tools like an LMS and other web-based programs are eliminating the days in which one person dominated the floor and simply dispensed […]

Podcasts and Other Online Learning Tools Are the Perfect Compliment ...