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Wanna be a Grammar Nazi? Complete Distance Learning to improve your proofreading skills 13

Distance learning is a valuable resource for proofreaders and copy-editors, professions which are in high demand in today’s global market place. However,  these valuable skills are often needed in environments where coworkers or clients are not able to do their own editing, and therefore on-the-job training is often lacking. Many proofreaders and copy-editors are self-taught […]


Online Training Videos Transform Course Content

Online Training Videos Transform Course Content

Online training videos and classroom instructional videos are becoming an indispensable tool across the educational spectrum. Anymore, a video isn’t just a slick little gimmick to slap onto a course, mostly meaningless and devoid of impact. With sites like YouTube and TeacherTube inspiring ordinary people, educators, and course developers alike to create their own videos, […]

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Sneak Peek into 2013

  Happy New Year to all of our customers and content-creating partners! We hope you enjoyed the holiday season, and are ready to tackle the challenges that lie ahead in 2013. In this issue, we want to give you a sneak peak of what will be happening at Coggno in the New Year. There will […]

Consider an E-Learning Career as a Viable Employment Alternative 2

E-learning has changed the educational landscape and opened up a world of new opportunities for educators. Those who no longer want to teach in the traditional classroom can put their skills to use in challenging and exciting positions outside the usual academic grind. What Types of Jobs are Available? Currently, there are a wide variety […]

E-learning Course Fundamentals: SCORM, Webinars and Integration

E-learning Course Fundamentals: SCORM, Webinars and Integration 1

Anyone who uses e-learning courses will tell you that when running down your check-list of desired  features, one aspect not to be ignored is how easy or difficult it is to integrate your existing learning materials into the course you want to create. An LMS’s ease of integration will speed up course creation and allow […]