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Supplying Knowledge with Coggno’s LMS Courseware Marketplace

Supplying Knowledge with Coggno’s LMS Courseware Marketplace

I’ve written before that during strenuous economic times, many people choose (wisely) to upgrade their skills and expertise through LMS online courses. Supply Knowledge (SK) is one online system that may suit your needs. SK provides sourcing, procurement and supply management professionals with relevant and recent information and tools. SK’s tools and programs are practical, […]

Develop LMS Online Clarity and Rewards Strategies 1

When developing ways to support and motivate learners in an LMS online course, think incentives and clarity. First, incentives. Think about it: Why did the chicken cross the road? It certainly wasn’t just to get to the other side. No, there was probably something across the road that the chicken wanted, and in order to […]

Coggno’s New UI Offers Compact and User-Friendly Course Creation

An easy-to-use, robust UI (User Interface) isn’t easy to come by in LMS online course creators. Many organizations and training programs still rely on IT help to design and deliver courses and training. A problem that continues to plague the software industry is that program designers are often masters of engineering and programming, but lacking […]

Indispensable LMS Training Resources for Teachers and Trainers

Are some learners more important than others in LMS training and education programs? Most people would answer no. But they’d be mistaken. When adopting LMS training and teaching technologies, there is one special person whose mastery of the technology holds more consequence; whose profound understanding of the course content and its form is critical. This […]

How to Inspire and Maintain a Productive LMS Online Team 1

Experienced trainers and educators understand the secret of peer groups in LMS online courses. When learners collaborate in an engaging and satisfying way, they produce potent results. It’s not only an effective business strategy, but in a training program it works wonders, fostering a spirit of community and a sense of common purpose. Why is […]