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LMS-Conscious Courseware Development

Another mistake that course developers often make is to forget about the LMS itself. Many developers assume that their job is solely to create–not oversee the rollout of–their online course. However, for an LMS-hosted course to be effective, it’s essential to be familiar with the LMS’s interface, features and tools. “If you ignore the influence […]

LMS-Conscious Courseware Development

Expert Learning System Enrichment, Pt. 3

Arranging for professionals, experts and professors to create partnerships and enhance a classroom learning system is just what Stevens Elementary School in Seattle had in mind. “As school budgets have gotten cut more and more, we’ve asked what do the children at our school need and how can the [PTA] help fill in holes or […]

A Call for Rewarding Learning Systems in a Post-Twain Age

“Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.” Many Americans subconsciously abide by Mark Twain’s words. Chronic procrastination is not only a problem for LMS and online courseware students, or academics in learning system settings. Despite our age of efficiency and packed schedules, procrastination remains a giant thorn in society’s side. However, […]

Critiques of Virtual World Learning Systems

The idea of using of virtual worlds in a school learning system may at first be dismissed along with the virtual world terminology of guilds, trolls and orcs. Additionally, many parents whose children’s teachers are adding virtual worlds to the classroom learning system may not like the idea, for a variety of reasons. One is […]

A Virtual World Learning System

Virtual “worlds,” for better or worse, are an ever-increasingly popular online learning system worldwide. Although media coverage of virtual worlds like Second Life has been on the decline, a throng of virtual worlds for kids has grown even more popular than their adult counterparts. For example, according to the New York Times, tween world Club […]

Adding a Virtual World to Your Courseware System

I’ve said that adults and young people alike may be engaged by courseware systems that apply gaming concepts in their interactive and narrative designs. But what about teachers who want to go beyond websites, courseware systems, whiteboards and discussion forums in their classroom blended learning environments? BBC contributor Bill Thompson recently attended ReLIVE08, a conference […]

Online Courseware Details 1

In designing your online courseware, the devil is often in the details. An Eyetrack III study also showed how people tend to read actual online courseware headlines and blurbs. Partial viewing of headlines and blurbs was found to be a common occurrence. Many people skip the blurb altogether if it’s displayed in smaller font under […]

Smart Online Courseware Headlines

When designing your online courseware, consider your learners’ reading habits. Managing font based on how people read is important in web page and online courseware layout. Eyetrack III’s studies showed that larger font promotes lighter scanning of learning content. Therefore, keep your font on the smaller side (but not too small). This includes your online […]