Online Courseware

“Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.” Many Americans subconsciously abide by Mark Twain’s words. Chronic procrastination is not only a problem for LMS and online courseware students, or academics in learning system settings. Despite our age of efficiency and packed schedules, procrastination remains a giant […]

A Call for Rewarding Learning Systems in a Post-Twain Age

Virtual “worlds,” for better or worse, are an ever-increasingly popular online learning system worldwide. Although media coverage of virtual worlds like Second Life has been on the decline, a throng of virtual worlds for kids has grown even more popular than their adult counterparts. For example, according to the New […]

A Virtual World Learning System

I’ve said that adults and young people alike may be engaged by courseware systems that apply gaming concepts in their interactive and narrative designs. But what about teachers who want to go beyond websites, courseware systems, whiteboards and discussion forums in their classroom blended learning environments? BBC contributor Bill Thompson […]

Adding a Virtual World to Your Courseware System