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Online Training Programs are a Springboard for Success

The popularity of online training programs has been growing exponentially almost every year since 2005.  According to an Ambient Insight report the independent e-learning products and services industry is expected to top $7 billion by 2015. This rapid growth in online programs is expected to continue through the coming years, and your company needs to […]

Online Training Programs are a Springboard for Success

The Future of Learning Combines Past and Present

Today’s educators are quite concerned that our present educational system still has a long way to go in terms of providing an optimum learning experience for students of all ages. Nowhere is this more evident than in the short film here, produced by Ericsson, and featuring some forward-thinking individuals who are hoping that the future […]

Shall We Play a Game?

Who among us has not heard about companies disabling Windows Solitaire (my personal favorite) or a bevy of other online games in an effort to dissuade employees from procrastinating instead of getting their work done? Well, it turns out that playing games isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially when those games are part of online […]

The Next Generation of E-Learning Offers Exciting New Course Options

While we continue to embrace the concept of learning outside the classroom, the one obstacle that many learners have is that they have to contend with boring coursework. We all know that staying awake in school or the seminar room was sometimes an issue, but when your livelihood depends on receiving necessary training to keep […]

Online Learning Tools for Microsoft App Expertise 9

Online learning isn’t just for college students, but adults seeking to learn the universal business language of software skills. If you’re in the job market, you’ve probably seen many ads that read something like “Computer skills are a must” or “The ideal candidate for this position is computer savvy.” You might be expected to use […]

Master Online Learning in Your Free Time 5

Online learning, or distance education, is growing not only among full-time college students, but is increasingly used by adults working full-time jobs who like its flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Even though the economy is supposedly back on its feet, many are still without employment or, not much better off, in a position that isn’t ideal only because they believe it […]

E-learning Course Checklist for Teachers 16

If you’re a teacher considering creating an e-learning course, put together a list of helpful resources and guidelines for creating an effective online learning experience. People choose e-learning courses for many reasons, including accessibility and flexibility. The cost effectiveness of online learning is another huge plus for many students. Learning can happen any time, anywhere, […]

E-learning Course Checklist for Teachers