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Spore, A “God Game” Learning System 1

How would you like to create your own microscopic organism and develop into a complex, unique creature? Spore, a single-player game by Maxis, allows you to do just that. Spore has been called a “god game” by its creators and several journalists, and hailed by some educators as an innovative learning system. Spore allows a […]

Can Blog Learning Content End Newspapers? 1

Will blogging applications replace the traditional newspaper column? Some argue that blogs are the democratization of world news learning content. More newspapers are hiring bloggers in an effort to diversify the perspectives expressed in their columns. But some people claim that blogs are too casual, written by ad hoc reporters who don’t need to adhere […]

Online Public Library Learning Content

Many people have upped their internet use while decreasing their frequency to the library. But unlike the internet, public libraries are accessible to everyone. And for many people the feel of a real book in their hands is irreplaceable. Also, part of the beauty of lending libraries is that people are given access to learning […]

Online Religious Learning Content, Pt. 1 1

People look to the internet for just about everything nowadays. For school and work, entertainment, purchasing products, all types of learning content, and even friends and romance. There are sites like Facebook for socializing with those you already know, and sites like Match.com that allow users to meet potential romantic interests. So, if people are […]

Readability in LMSs, Pt. 1

In the creation of your LMS, readability is just one important aspect. Readability refers to the ease with which an audience processes the presented information. For example, short sentences are preferable to long sentences. Syntax, or word order, is another important element. Often writers don’t realize that complex or flowery language doesn’t necessarily appeal to […]

Not Just for Kids: Learning Management System Quiz

Let’s say you’re a business designing your learning management system, and you want to use Coggno to train your employees with maximum efficiency. You understand that Coggno’s Quiz Creator helps ensure that students are keeping on top of the content. But you keep in mind that you’re not dealing with middle-schoolers. Aren’t quizzes a learning […]

Learning Management System Help

Have you ever experienced difficulty using a program, but the “help” link led you to a jargon-infested page that was equally difficult to decipher? How did you ultimately find a solution to your problem? Coming to a brick wall in a learning management system is a frustrating experience, regardless of user age and context. If […]