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Burnish your Online Course for LMS Use, Pt. 2

One basic criterion for your online course is a thorough course syllabus, which should be presented before any online learning begins. Especially for students who have never taken an online course before, and for whom collaborative learning, LMSs and other elements may be untypical, they need to know as early as possible what to expect […]

Considering an Online High School Learning System

Are online high school learning systems a good idea? Who should consider online high school? It’s essential to consider if a student truly needs the flexibility of an online high school. For example young professionals like athletes, actors and musicians who spend much of their time on the road might take high school online. Young […]

Engaging Courseware System Narratives

A recent Writers Gateway article describes how creators can develop their courseware systems like a video or computer game. Sound crazy? It may be more feasible and simpler than you imagine. Every game follows a similar pattern that can be emulated in your courseware system. All games have a goal and steps to reach it. […]

Courseware System Objectivity

Wouldn’t you prefer straight and objective learning material, unshaped and unfiltered by a professor’s personal views? Of course, it’s impossible to achieve 100% objectivity. And good professors foster discussions and reward well-developed arguments, no matter how different their perspectives may be. However, there are always the exceptions who can’t help but let their own biases […]

Learning Management System Privacy

When choosing a learning management system for your school or company, you’ll want to make sure its privacy policy is sound. Personal information will probably be asked of all learning management system users. What are the people with access to that data going to do with it? Some acceptable purposes for personal information might be […]

Should You Go to the Learning Content? 1

Normally, learning content is owned and hosted by an author or institution. When the institution doesn’t own the learning content (e.g. educator’s notes and the learning object) it tends to mediate the content by way of, say, textbooks. Traditionally, it is expected that learners will seek out authors and institutions for the learning content they […]

An Experience in a Spanish Language E-Learning System

A few months ago, I spent two days in an alternative school classroom, substitute teaching a Spanish language class. I read the lesson plans, notes for the substitute that outline how the classroom learning system works in general, and what’s on the plate for the day. I had mixed feelings upon finding that this particular learning […]