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When You Speak, Speak Well: Tips On How to Effectively Communicate With Your Boss

For many of us, having a conversation with the boss can be like attempting to traverse a landmine without a map. We might be exceedingly articulate under normal circumstances, but give us an audience with the boss, and we’re as tongue tied as a basket of snakes. Formulate a Plan; Don’t Improvise The key to […]


Cultural Sensitivity Online Courseware

In medication management, cultural understanding is increasingly important. Health insurance provider Aetna uses online courseware to help doctors and nurses become more culturally sensitive. Clinicians who are part of the Aetna network or who have filed a claim with the insurer can take the online courseware in cross-cultural care for free. Partly because many Latinos […]

Easy Courseware System Migration

Putting your courseware system on the market doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, free online course syndicator for your courseware system, consider Coggno. Coggno’s user-friendly, flexible, straightforward user interface is a breeze to navigate and you’ll be walked through every step of your course creation. Entering Coggno’s website, you’ll find […]

Courseware System Author Forums

Maybe you’re a courseware system developer seeking a discussion forum to converse about the challenges and strategies involved in courseware creation. Some courseware system syndicators host forums where course developers can discuss their ideas, suggestions, etc. Coggno is one such platform, hosting an author-to-author discussion forum for anyone involved in the e-learning industry. Coggno’s goal […]

Syndicating Online Courseware

After your online courseware is uploaded to Coggno, you can also choose to syndicate it. This is all controlled through your dashboard. Choosing to enable this feature means that other relevant web publishers can publish and sell your online courseware on their websites. Again, you have complete control over which sites you want to publish […]

Courseware System Biases

Even though many online courseware systems are used without guidance from an individual educator, bias can certainly still find its way into the learning content. Make sure if you’re uploading your courseware system to or choosing courses from an online course syndicator, that the provider has taken measures to prevent that from happening. Coggno is […]

User Interface Courseware System Design 1

Uploading your courseware system to Coggno, you’ll have the option to brand your content with your own logo and color scheme. Creating a unified and interesting theme will attract your learners’ attention and aid them in their learning process. Your user interface design should give your courseware system a unique look that’s easy to navigate […]

User Interface Courseware System Design