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E-learning Course Fundamentals: SCORM, Webinars and Integration 1

Anyone who uses e-learning courses will tell you that when running down your check-list of desired  features, one aspect not to be ignored is how easy or difficult it is to integrate your existing learning materials into the course you want to create. An LMS’s ease of integration will speed up course creation and allow [...]

Educate to Sell With Learning Management System Solutions

This year, use your learning management system to secure an edge in the competitive global economy. In choosing the right LMS training for your organization, remember that knowledge is power. Especially in this knowledge-based economy, the most valuable asset you have is the knowledge of your employees. Capable and confident employees are the foundation of [...]

Effective Learning Management System Tools

School districts are finding that a learning management system is an effective way to keep costs down and students enrolled. But another enormous benefit of a pre-populated LMS is the sheer variety of classes offered. With a robust learning management system such as Coggno, schools have access to some of the best online courses available. [...]

Learning Management System Graphic Organizers

While your learning management system students will constitute a motley batch of learning types, many are probably strong visual-spatial learners. Luckily, the instructional tools that a learning management system provides can be used to effectively represent information spatially and with images. Include graphs and graphic organizers in your learning material. Graphic organizers include brainstorms and [...]

Easy Courseware System Migration

Putting your courseware system on the market doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, free online course syndicator for your courseware system, consider Coggno. Coggno’s user-friendly, flexible, straightforward user interface is a breeze to navigate and you’ll be walked through every step of your course creation. Entering Coggno’s website, you’ll find [...]

Rich and Easy LMS: Instant SCORM Content Migration

Good news for instructional designers and content developers: Coggno has enhanced its LMS with instant SCORM Content Migration. Uploading training materials to Coggno has gotten simpler still. The LMS SCORM publisher tool will provide the necessary information about the data model and its elements, as well as sample code. It can be opened, reviewed, and [...]