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Study Skill Courseware Systems

Many people go through their lives wondering why they experience great difficulty in school, without having ever learned basis study strategies. Though anyone can learn how to study, engaging in courseware systems or face-to-face workshops, study skills aren’t developed overnight. Though there’s no magic formula for successful studying, it’s more than possible to learn how […]

Courseware System Study Strategies

For all kinds of students, whether they be children, teenagers, university students, or adults using courseware systems, study skills are a critical body of knowledge. These skills are best developed at a young age. However, elementary school educators often fail to cover study strategies extensively, or even at all. My experience was that educators made […]

Prioritizing Assignments in Online Courseware

Say you’ve got a list of household chores to do: rake leaves, scrub the kids’ bathroom, dust, call the chimney cleaner. In what order would you typically check them off? To make the rest of the morning’s chores more relaxed, a good strategy is to do the most tedious, difficult or generally undesirable task first. […]

Reasonable Online Courseware Goal-Setting 1

I’ve written that when choosing online courseware, you should be careful not to overload your schedule by taking on more courses than you have time for. On the same note, it’s wise to set realistic goals for the online courseware you’ve chosen. One mistake people often make is setting goals so high–and often broad and […]