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Positive Learning Systems for Urban School Clashes

Positive Learning Systems for Urban School Clashes

According to ERIC Digest’s Morton Inger, conflict resolution is becoming a major learning system across the U.S. Conflict is especially widespread in urban schools, due to their size, limited resources, and very diverse student body. To deal with the institutional problems caused by school conflict, and to help students and staff handle conflict in a […]

A Brief Conflict Management Learning System, Pt. 2

During my brief spell with the conflict resolution learning system, I experienced very little success. When conflicts were actually found, the kids didn’t always want to talk to me. And when they did, it was usually only to make fun of my lowly 4th grade status or “Conflict Manager” badge. In the end, I took […]

Conflict Resolution for an LMS Team

Organization is key with any group, and in order to avoid problems due to confusion, an LMS can be implemented to keep track of member achievements and team objectives. However, despite the most well-organized LMS training and clearly outlined goals, the best efforts of a team, and the support of an attentive manager, conflict is […]

Learning Management System Goals and Confidentiality

Learning Management System Goals and Confidentiality 1

We’ve all heard the goal acronym SMART–Specfic, Measurable, Attainable, Results-Oriented, and Timebound. However, the “Timebound” part doesn’t always materialize, and goals sometimes need redefining. As a manager leading a team, it’s your job to routinely check up on members’ direction and progress with their assignments. Use your learning management system to track member needs and […]

Uniformity in an LMS Team

An invaluable piece of advice for managers using an LMS to organize teams: promote an atmosphere of equality. Implement uniform operating practices which everyone will be expected to conform to, such as work hours and conflict resolution processes. Uniformity of policy and treatment emphasizes the equality of team members. Downplay job titles of your team […]

Managerial Leadership Through an LMS 1

Tim Bryce offers some suggestions for managers using an LMS to organize teams from corporate departments or divisions. A manager, first and foremost, should lead. All teams require a leader who can communicate the goals the team is working for and provide direction, through an LMS and face-to-face. Whether it’s a virtual team organized on […]