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Growing Minds Help Businesses Grow

One of the most important investments employers make in their employees is to give them the opportunity to further their education.  Many companies offer programs that will often fully or at least partially compensate employees for finishing degrees, or for taking training courses that will allow them to learn new skills and enhance the ones […]

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Conflict in the Workplace is Key to Organizational Success

Conflict in the Workplace is Key to Organizational Success 6

Conflict. We see it on the news, from Bin Laden’s death to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We see it in our daily lives, personal and professional. At work, we might see it on refrigerator doors or in the tense dynamic between coworkers. Conflict is the very fabric of existence. Without it there would be no war, […]

LMS Herbal Medicine Education: An Opportunity for Growth

Have you ever considered LMS training in herbal medicine? Herbal medicine refers to the use of plants for medical purposes. This means not only the treatment and prevention of disease, but the promotion of healthy lives and resolving health problems before they have an impact on one’s quality of life. Herbal medicine education trains aspiring […]

LMS Construction: Nailing the Skill Ladder

For both educators and LMS course creators, the effectiveness of your material will depend on how organically you’re able to work in the essential repetition that builds on itself. As I’ve written about previously, repetition and memorization are the basic building blocks of knowledge. My history teacher used to say, “You can’t make up an […]

Online Training and Actionable Outcomes and Results

One of the big issues around online training is perception that measuring and monitoring the effectiveness and substantive results of this training can be elusive. In other words, turning the training into an actionable outcome is the difference between a pretty screen that your learners will stare at, and a meaningful translation of what they […]

Your Best Protection at Performance Review Time

In difficult economic times, often the only time when an employee can expect to receive a change in wages or pay scale is at a performance review. Usually once or twice a year, when management sits down with staff and discusses milestones, successes, achievements as well as gaps in performance throughout the previous year.  A […]

Outsourcing – The Benefits of a Call Center and LMS Training 1

As your company matures and expands, you’ll find your employees are handling more calls and emails from customers. And if this situation has begun to spiral out of control–too many calls and emails to track–you know it’s time to step up to the plate and implement a new strategy to deal with the influx of […]

Outsourcing – The Benefits of a Call Center and LMS Training

Creating a More Marketable You with LMS Online Learning

Despite the media telling us that the economy is stabilizing, we all know many people are still jobless or working in a position that isn’t up to their standards, simply for fear that finding something better will be impossible. What do many people do at a time like this? They go back to school and […]