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Providing Video Power with Simple-to-Use LMS Video Creation Tool 1

When I was growing up, educational concepts like eLearning, virtual classrooms, learning management systems (LMSs), and Web 2.0 integration simply did not exist. We had computer class once a week, and then in our tweens AOL instant messaging  was just becoming all the rage. Technology for educational use wasn’t quite there yet for most of […]

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The Power of Pause in a Video Learning System

Say you’re playing a video for students as part of a learning system lesson. Sure, everyone may be enjoying the video, but it’s your duty to be strong! Remember: You have concrete goals for this lesson, and you won’t let something like pure, passive enjoyment foil them. Press the pause button. When integrating videos into […]

Enhancing a Language Learning System with Videos, Pt. 2

A video can be used to introduce a language topic, motivate students, or as a reward after an exam. Language students can watch short clips via an LMS and study “real life situations.” Another group activity for a video-aided language learning system is a character study. Ask students to focus on each character in the […]

Burnish your Online Course for LMS Use, Pt. 1

So you’ve gathered your materials and want to create an online course to host on a learning management system. Before submitting it to a courseware syndicator like Coggno, you’ll want to ensure that your course is designed and organized in its ideal format. Doug Madden of Honolulu Community College provides some criteria for an effective […]

Learning Management System Video Quizzes

Creating and incorporating videos on a learning management system can transform lessons, activities and even entire courses. Learning management systems like Coggno offer an easy-to-use video tool for creating engaging videos. But how can teachers and course creators avoid the passive learning behavior that videos are capable of prompting? When creating your video, keep your […]

Capturing your Audience with LMS Videos

It’s a tattered cliché I’m guilty of using–“A picture says a thousand words.” But it’s true. Combine a picture with sound and movement, and the words start to add up. When we watch videos, we’re taking in endless details and information. While television becomes more and more stuffed with images and sounds, we’ve become more […]

Robust Team-Building Learning Systems

Thinking about designing a team-building online course? Or do you have a team-building learning system ready to upload to an online course distributor? Enter Coggno. Using Coggno’s text tool, video tool, template tool, question bank, assessment tool and quiz features, you’ll have everything you need to create a robust team-building learning system. After your course […]