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The Power of Pause in a Video Learning System

Say you’re playing a video for students as part of a learning system lesson. Sure, everyone may be enjoying the video, but it’s your duty to be strong! Remember: You have concrete goals for this lesson, and you won’t let something like pure, passive enjoyment foil them. Press the pause button. When integrating videos into […]

3D Web for Kids: A Purely Consumerist Learning System?

Many game worlds are springing up that bind interaction in the virtual world to the purchase of a toy. Webkinz, Funkeys, TyGirls and BarbieGirls are just a few virtual worlds created and run by toy makers. But do children really think of virtual worlds in terms of a consumerist learning system? Aren’t they more interested […]

Making Virtual World Learning Systems Safe for Kids

A decade ago, there were just 182 million people using the internet globally. By the end of this month, there will be over 1.5 billion internet users worldwide. With more children using the internet as a learning system and social medium, and with increasingly easy access to social networks and entertainment like virtual worlds, there’s […]

International Learning Management System Teams

Organizing a virtual team is a process made a great deal easier by a robust learning management system. Training for team members can be organized and performed internationally, linking a company learning management system to its various human resources departments and ERP systems, to perform multi-locational, cost-effective and efficient training. But what kind of virtual […]

Is the Virtual World the New Learning Management System?

Given all the present obstacles in software like Second Life, is it possible that businesses will come to see virtual worlds as a communicative, organizational, and profitable economic platform? Will virtual worlds take over functions that a learning management system now serves? If virtual worlds are destined to become the new learning management system, it’s […]

The Learning Management System in a Virtual World

Companies using a learning management system for their online training may consider integrating a virtual world. Virtual worlds allow students to carry out tasks that could be difficult or impossible in the real world, due to restrictions or circumstances including personal, financial, locational or schedule constraints. Just as training directors can use a learning management […]