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Making VoIP and LMS Data Secure

As security threats rise along with VoIP popularity, there are some preventative measures you and your service providers can take to protect your LMS data and VoIP communication. Most companies and organizations using LMSs should already have firewalls in place. These barriers do a great deal to ward off hackers and virus mongers. If a […]

VoIP Online Courseware

Everyone knows how to set up a software-based VoIP account and communicate using the programs’ audio, video and text messaging tools. But VoIP gateways offer a world of communicative experiences you may not even be aware of. Whether it’s for personal knowledge or the advancement of your organization, you may consider a VoIP crash course […]

Learning Management System Use of Device-Based VoIP

A great alternative for your learning management system communication is device-based VoIP providers. As with hardware-based VoIP providers, learning management system users can use their normal phone. A few VoIP devices available are PhoneGnome, Ooma, and MagicJack. PhoneGnome was one of the first device-based providers. One convenient PhoneGnome plan is the “PhoneGnome for Business,” which […]

Software-Based VoIP and Your LMS

Unlike subscription/hardware-based services, software-based VoIP services are popular and available to people in all countries, making them a good system for LMS users overseas. Software-based services are free when LMS users call from computer to computer, anywhere in the world. All you need is to download and install the software, register for a free account, and […]

Starting VoIP in an LMS

Your organization and its LMS users already have a speedy internet connection. What else will you need to utilize a VoIP gateway for communication within your LMS community? Subscribe to a VoIP service provider. Just as you need to consider your LMS users’ lifestyles, habits and budgets when choosing an internet service technology, you’ll need […]


VoIP LMS Uses 1

VoIP gateways and IP audio-video conferences are features that more and more organizations are integrating with their LMSs. Along with free recording and delivery of instructional material, VoIP gateways can provide other functions to companies, schools and other organizations using an LMS. VoIP gateways can provide connection with your existing phone and fax machines, through […]