The Low Down On Social Media and College Admissions


Prospective College Students Need to Watch Their Backs When Utilizing Social Media

Colleges and universities are getting hip to the overwhelming percentage of prospective students who use social media as their most common form of communication. The rising trend among admissions offices is to not only consider students based on their applications, SAT scores and extracurricular activities, but on what they post to the most popular social media sites.

Let’s face it: many of us have been burned by one thing or another we’ve tweeted about, posted to our Facebook pages or proudly displayed on YouTube. It can be something as innocuous as a comment on someone’s post, a blog entry we wrote and disseminated to as many sites as we could think to, or maybe it was that drunken photo we took when our parents let us indulge in a fruity cocktail or two at that tropical resort. Regardless of the topic or the situation, students must remember that admissions offices are keeping an eye on them now in more ways than one. So, play it safe and keep it clean when it comes to what you share with the electronic world.

Take a good look at this information graphic and make note of some interesting statistics.


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  2. As a private college counselor, I always suggest my students have a special email that they use only for college admissions. I also tell them that nothing should be posted on facebook or online anywhere if they would not like their grandmother to see it.

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