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Crash Course on Financial Management

Welcome to this Crash Course on Financial Management. In this course, you will gain overview of various aspects of Financial Management covering a) Introduction to Financial Management b) Time Value of Money c) Cash Flow d) Fund Flow e) Leverages f) Source of Finance g) Capital Budgeting h) Working Capital Most the businesses in this world, predominantly fails only on account of poor Financial Management. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to have sound knowledge in Financial Management for effective functioning, survival and growth of any business. Financial Management is not merely confined to Finance Department. Every department in an organization, performs Financial Management functions. Because, every department in an organization contributes to the profits. Some through turnover and some by controlling its costs. So, Knowledge in Financial Management is the need of the hour. This course is structured in self paced learning style. Video lectures were used to deliver the course content. All the very best. Category: Business What's in the Course? Over 11 lectures and 41 mins of content! have overview of Financial Management understand Imporatance of Financial Management Course Requirements: Basics of Accounting Who Should Attend? Accounting and Finance Executives Professional course students

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Crash Course on Finance for Non Finance Executives

Crash Course on Finance for Non-Finance Executives is a free online training course that is designed for anyone who is involved in financial processes of an organization but doesn’t have much knowledge about financial markets. Profits matter to any organization, and for that employees need to have a solid financial knowledge to contribute to the profits of an organization.   Many companies complain that despite making profits, their business is not generating cash. Some companies do incur loss, but they continue to operate successfully.   So, how does all of this happen? It’s through employees lacking basic knowledge of financial markets.   With this course, a candidate would be introduced to basic financial knowledge required to understand the financial processes of an organization. If they are part of a profit centre, they should know how to improve the profits of their organisation. If they are a part of the cost centre, they should take efforts to reduce the cost and improve the profits of the business.   This Finance Crash Course will teach you the basics of finance which are must for every non-finance executive. The course is structured in a self-paced learning style. Video lectures are used as a medium to deliver the course content. Take this course to gain knowledge in finance matters.   Category: Personal Development   What's in the Course? Over 6 lectures and 49 mins of content Understand Importance of Finance Matters Understand Importance of Accounting Data and its uses for Decision Making Course Requirements: No prior knowledge is required. You can approach the course with fresh mind   Who Should Attend? Anyone who is interested in learning about finance for career development should definitely take this course.

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Structured Scenario Selection

Here is a FREE sample video tutorial for your review. We walk you through how to structure your input sheets for FAST Scenario Control. By setting up your input sheets as described in this video tutorial, you will no longer need to use Excel's inferior built-in Scenario Manager. We hope that you find this tutorial helpful, and that it gives you a good idea of what to expect from our world-class online training.

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Demo Assessment

This demo assessments picks a few questions and case studies from the pool of questions comprising the Practice Chapters from our Learning Center.

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