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How to Listen Actively

Author: Dan Strongin, ASQ CMQ/OE

Category: Online Business Training > Soft Skills

The Problem: Feeling tired, stressed, powerless, annoyed, resentful or angry at work? Chances are not quite perfect communication has something to do with it. Poor communication in organizations is like a vampire that sucks out resources, leaving behind: too many mistakes too much misund...

Keywords: communication, leadership, managing, listening, Active Listening, listening skills, startup, entrepreneurial, problem solving, sole proprietor, business, starting a business, small business, Management

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Included Modules:
  • 42289

    How to Listen Actively, Introduction Introduction to better business communication through Active Listening and Reflective Response.

  • 42298

    First, Listen Actively First listen, to find out what the real issue is. What good is it to answer if you don't know what the question is? Good active listening skills are essential to team productivity and leadership, and at the heart of every successful organization, are great listening skills. You will learn them here. more

  • 42277

    How NOT to Listen Examples of very poor listening skills, some of which may be all too familiar.

  • 42281

    How to Reflect to Uncover the Real Question Using reflective responses to help the person fully express what the real issue is, and you to know what to respond to.

  • 42275

    Directive Reponse After you learn what the real question is, you can answer it.

  • 42290

    Active Listening Exercizes Exercizes because reading alone won't help you learn the skill, You need to Practice, Practice, Practice and have trouble doing it until you have done it enough it is second nature. You will need to convice at least two people to help you do this. If not, send me an email and we'll try and arrang... more

  • 42440

    Final Exam: Active Listening

  • Icon-pdf
  • Active Listening, Reflective Response Checklist

    A checklist from the exercises with each of the active listening skills.

  • 892.38 KB