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Insights from Strategy Dynamics

This video of about an hour is a webinar from August 2008 on the insights and high business value from using the Strategy Dynamics approach to analysing strategic issues and situations. If you are not familiar with this, you should visit first.

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Wealth Dynamics - Introduction

About: Wealth Dynamics is a system that helps entrepreneurs find their flow. By accessing and learning the information contained in this course, will allow you to understand your path of least resistance to wealth Who is this for? Entrepreneurs Business owners People wanting to levergae their skills, talents and time People wanting to create wealth What will I learn? The wealth equation The 8 ways to wealth The seven levels of truth of Wealth Dynamics How to connect with a global network of entrepreneurs making a difference in the world How to find out your very own path to wealth How to access more resources to help you on your journey to wealth Enjoy! I look forward to your comments in the Forum, and/or meeting you in the social networking spaces outlined in this course.

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Orientation Session for the 2016 New York StartUP! Business Plan Competition


Entrants gain practical insights about starting and growing a business, while using the comprehensive small business resources at NYPL’s Science, Industry and Business Library (SIBL).   Instructions for this online training course:   Create an account with Your First Name, Last Name and email address is all you'll need to provide. We need this information in order to create your account and send you a Certificate of Completion at the end. The first step is to read the document called "Rules and Eligibility." Once you determine you are eligible to participate and willing to abide by the rules, and commit to the necessary work and meeting the specified deadlines, please go on to the Video. Watch the video in its entirety. It is 1 hour in length. You will need the knowledge provided in the rules and eligibility, as well as the video, to answer a quiz correctly. In the attachments section, you will find all the links and documents that are mentioned in the video, as well as a copy of the orientation slides. Take the quiz. You will need 90% of the answers to be correct in order to pass and obtain your Certificate of Completion. The quiz should not take you more than 30 min to complete. After the quiz, there will be a one-question survey. Once you have submitted your answer to the survey, then you can proceed to obtaining your certificate. It will be emailed to you at the address you provided when you created your account at Once you have obtained your certificate, please go to the Fluid Review Website to create your account and submit your entry into the competition.   We wish you much success!

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