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Write Better Email Introduction Course

Welcome to the Write Better Email series of courses, which aim to help you spend less time on email and become more productive in your work life. In this introductory course, you’ll learn the best practices that can get you the results you want with email, the first time.

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How to Achieve Your Goals

Goal Attainment Skills are one of the best life skills we can have, and this FREE, dynamic, interactive eLearning module is more like a short personal tutorial than your typical eLearning module! This eLearning module will give an overview of the psychology of goal attainment, touch on the process of change and highlight some key steps from the 10 Goal Success Steps. Even thought this is a FREE resource, the completion of the activities culminates in your very own, mini personalized Goal Attainment Plan that you can print out at the completion of the course! If, after completing this module, you wish to purchase the complete module, direct links are provided in the resource section. If achieving a specific goal could make you money, or save you money, the Return on Investment of completing the full module could be HUGE! With a sales training career that has spanned over 15 years, Rosey Conway specializes in teaching managers, trainers, coaches, sales people and peers the "know-how" of goal setting. Now, this valuable knowledge can be right at your fingertips too.

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Business Analysis Overview DEMO

In today’s complex business environment, an organization’s ability to manage complexity and constant change through innovation can be keys to success. Business Analysts play an important role to support this ability. They act as a liaison among stakeholders to understand, analyze and document their requirements and to recommend solutions that enable the organization to achieve its goals.

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Income Statement Secrets Revealed

Income Statement Secrets Revealed is an online training course designed to revolutionize the way you look at data. With this training course, you’ll learn to avoid the pain of trying to decipher columns and rows packed with data. Wasting resources on things that appear to be worthwhile, you lose double: wasted resources, and the work you could have done instead. This online training course is fun, if such a thing can be said about financial data, and easy to grasp.   Following are the modules that will be covered in this training course: Who, What, Why Introduction Module Two: Financial Statement Primer, Short and Sweet! What is this Report Trying to Tell Me? Flawed Averages and Percents The Foible of Limited Comparisons Ruth, Mantle, Maris, Bonds or Aaron? How to Go Beyond the Rear View Mirror

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Tuning Your Revenue Engine - Concept

The Revenue Engine is the business functions responsible for creating revenue for a company. In this introductory video provides business owners with an introduction to the concept of the Revenue Engine and how it can help businesses to improve productivity, increase revenue growth, and maximize profits.

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Revenue Engine Performance Checkup

This questionnaire is used to determine what risk you currently have in regard to the performance of your Revenue Engine. Complete and return this sheet to DE, Inc. for a FREE 1-hour meeting to discuss where you can immediately focus to improve the performance of your topline to increase your profitability.

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How to Negotiate Salary: The Negotiation Mindset

Learn how to get paid what you are worth by adopting a salary negotiation mindset. Negotiating your salary when going for a new job or a raise is a critical skill to make sure you get paid what you deserve, yet it is a topic that makes most everyone anxious. Before you can master salary negotiation tips and tricks, you first have to be in the right mindset. Using an easy-to-follow storytelling approach -- along with case studies, statistics, and the right amount of humor -- this course will change the way you look at negotiation. In this course you will see: Two crucial goals for any negotiation Case studies of negotiations gone wrong The new reality for a post-recession economy What family, friends, and your boss WON'T tell you about negotiation Negotiation statistics and facts The HR perspective The light switch moment of negotiation success Ready for the next step? Also see: How to Negotiate Salary: Negotiating a Raise or Promotion

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Sales Training Suite

Take a tour of the sales training products in my suite to see if I can provide a sales training solution that will increase your sales. Browse through induction, intermediate and advanced level sales training and leadership modules that are available and can be personalized and tailored to your company brand.

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Fundamentals of Project Management for Development Organizations

This course focuses on concepts and practices related to development projects. It is our hope that the ideas and methodologies presented in the course of the following modules, and in the other books of the PM4DEV series, are proven useful to anyone who is engaged in managing projects in the development countries. We hope that this experience helps bring sustainable benefits to the communities and beneficiaries who need it the most. The course consists of six modules, each module presents ideas and concepts with the aid of charts and graphics to help increase your understanding. After each module you will have an opportunity to review the main topics with a short test. The course has been designed for no more that 120 minutes. You can take the course and its modules at your own pace, the menu and index can help you move around the course and take each module and each lesson independently. To help you increase your knowledge, many modules include links to documents that you can open and read at your own time, all the documents are in Adobe PDF format

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Leads, Cover Letters & Follow-Up

This course reviews the steps in finding leads, writing cover letters, and following-up with potential employers. These are the most critical components of the hiring process, since they open the door to the application process. The lessons contained in this course will provide you with a huge advantage over other applicants.

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Revenue Engine Performance Analyzer - Example Report

This example report shows the output from the DE, Inc. tool used to help small business owners to "Tune Your Revenue Engine". By answering 40 questions about your business you can have this level of insight in no time. Contact DE, Inc. to find out more about how you can get a report for your business.

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What is strategy - and strategy dynamics?

This 20 minute slide-show presentation explains the basic issues of strategic management, and shows why strategy dynamics - an approach to managing strategy and performance continuously over time - is necessary. As well as being useful on its own, the presentation forms the introduction to the 3-part summary course on strategy dynamics [parts A, B, C] at

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