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Financial Literacy Quiz

20 questions and 20 minutes! Our FL 20/20 Quiz is ideal for assessing the level of your employees' financial literacy. If you offer a 401k pension plan to your employees, then you are likely wondering why is it being under-utilized. One reason is that many employees have a poor knowledge and understanding of investment principles. Another is that they struggle comprehending the complexity and diversity of financial products being offered to them. As a result, they tend not to engage fully with their 401k or, at best, do so passively.  Investment education can empower your employees to take a more active role in their retirement planning and day-to-day investment decision-making, thus contributing to a better utilization of the valuable 401k resources you have put at their disposal. Let your employees take this interactive, on-line quiz today! 20 questions and 20 minutes to complete: It is easy to administer, fun to take ... and it is free! 

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Understanding Investing: A Guided Tour

Welcome to a dimension full of intrigue, mystery and adventure... Understanding Investing is more than a course about investing: It is a fascinating journey through space and time during which you will meet many incredible personalities, both real and fictitious, and learn not only about their remarkable tales but also their investment exploits and the decision-making process they adopt - and its consequences!  Let's begin this journey with our brief video as your personal tour guide. So before you read another word, sit back and enjoy our introduction to Understanding Investing!  

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