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Focus Unleashed

Author: Jeff Greenwald

Category: Online Health Training > Personal Health

This course teaches tennis players the critical skill of focus, which includes mindfulness and thought awareness.

Keywords: goals, focus, mindfulness, mental toughness, concentration, mindset

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Table of Contents:

Smart Goals
Thought awareness
Thought reframing
Mind Traps
Internal External focusing techniques


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Brookes Byrd Brookes Byrd said:

A well-presented, clear course on focus in tennis, one of the more elusive aspects of the game. I found the explanations interesting and easy to follow. The steps for better focus are concrete and manageable. I like the mindfulness approach to improving focus—it will be useful off the court as well!

posted about 2 years ago
Included Modules:
  • 72949

    Intro to Focus Course

  • 73260

    Course Instructions

  • 74632

    The Power of Process

  • 74633

    Balancing Outcome with Process Goals

  • 74621

    Personal Mental Goals

  • 74634

    Mental Goal Setting Worksheet

  • 72620

    Thought Awareness Video

  • 73262

    Thought Awareness

  • 73230

    Mental Traps Video

  • 72188

    Mental Traps Exercise

  • 73229

    Internal Focus Video

  • 73266

    Thought Management Strategies (C)

  • 72664

    Internal External Focus Shifting Video

  • 72550

    Changing the Channel

  • 72953

    Building a Mindfulness Practice

  • 73005

    Building a mindfulness practice worksheet

  • 74648

    Focus Unleashed Closing

  • Icon-pdf
  • Fearless Tennis Assessment

    This assessment should take approximately 15 minutes and will assess your current mental habits in tennis competition. It will help you identify your areas of strength and weakness so you can begin working on these areas in the goal setting portion at the beginning of this program. You will also receive your results via email with specific recommendations based on your scores.

  • Icon-pdf
  • Fearless Tennis Audio MP3

    Please click on the above link to receive your free download of Fearless Tennis. Please do this on your computer first as this is a zip file. You can then download to your smart phone from itunes.