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Stored Energy: The Hidden Hazard

Many items in our workplace present a hidden hazard. We're tallking about the sheer weight or the potential energy of things such as loaded pallets, heavy equipment, doors and cables. When these things move or fall, they release that stored energy and create deadly hazards. This video featuring dramatic reenactments of stored energy mishaps, increases our awareness of stored energy hazards and helps us become more observant of them in our surroundings.

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PPE: Head to Toe

Workers need to be protected from hazards that can take place on any worksite. For their safety, Personal Protective Equipment Training Course has been designed to get an idea on the variety of PPE available.   PPE Online Training Course emphasizes the importance of wearing proper equipment by showing a re-enactment of an arc flash incident that could have been tragic in case a worker was not wearing proper PPE. The worker describes how the equipment saved him from an injury during the incident. This training is great for new employee onboarding or for refresher course.   This training course will cover the following PPE usage: Industrial clothing Industrial work boots Hearing protection Eye protection Respiratory protection Safety helmets Hand protection Fall arrest equipment

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Lockout/Tagout It Would Have Saved His Life

Lockout/Tagout…It Would Have Saved His Life, immediately grabs the viewer’s attention with the true story of a man killed in a workplace mishap that would have been prevented by lockout/tagout. The video provides a comprehensive overview of the following information: The purpose of lockout/tagout Employee roles and responsibilities The purpose and contents of an Energy Control Plan

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Crane Signal Person Basic Training

Crane Signal Person Basic Training is an important resource to help crane signal people and crane operators learn the 20 standardized hand signals as described in ASME B30.5 and OSHA 29 CFR 1926. This course presents: A general overview of crane operations and limitations Clear demonstrations of the 20 standard crane hand signals An explanation of correct voice signal communication Guidelines for using non-standard and new signals Basic safety practices for a crane signal person

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What Would You Say?

We all occasionally witness unsafe behavior. But talking with our coworkers about safety can be difficult. We don't want to hurt feelings, we don't want to make people mad. But we don't want anyone to get hurt. This new video helps us learn to effectively communicate with our co-workers when we see them behaving unsafely. What Would You Say? features three potentially hazardous workplace incidents in which workers confront each other about the hazards. In each incident, examples of poor communication are demonstrated. Then examples of effective and positive communication techniques are demonstrated. Techniques that we can all use, on the job and off. What Would You Say? focuses on easy to use communication techniques including: * Be positive * Show that you are concerned about their safety * Explain the consequences of the hazard or unsafe behavior * Be specific with your comments The video also helps us learn to respond in a positive way if someone is pointing out our unsafe actions. Suitable for new and experienced employees in a wide variety of settings.

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Distracted Driving - Transit Version, Non-Humorous

Featuring bus operators in a variety of settings, this dramatic safety video illustrates the range of distractions faced by bus operators. It also provides steps transit agencies and operators can take to control distractions, such as unruly passengers, route changes and radio communications. The video features a dramatic two-vehicle crash involving two distracted drivers, as well as a powerful interview with a young woman whose life was profoundly changed by a distracted driving crash. Available with a humorous or serious introduction.

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Distracted Driving - Transit Version

Using a humorous introduction, and featuring bus operators in a variety of settings, this dramatic safety video illustrates the range of distractions faced by bus operators. It also provides steps transit agencies and operators can take to control distractions, such as unruly passengers, route changes and radio communications. The video features a dramatic two-vehicle crash involving two distracted drivers, as well as a powerful interview with a young woman whose life was profoundly changed by a distracted driving crash.

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Winter Driving: When The Rules Change

This attention grabbing safety video dramatically illustrates the importance of adjusting our driving techniques when winter rolls around. Aurora's famous Larry character also appears in this video making one winter driving mistake after another; mistakes we can all learn from. When the Rules Change also includes a powerful interview with a woman who was involved in fatal wintertime crash - an event that changed her life forever. The video addresses: * Vehicle preparation for winter * Adjusting schedules for winter driving conditions * Maintaining good visibility * Winter driving techniques, including intersections, cornering, skid control, braking and slowing down * Winter survival supplies and techniques

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Stop & Think

Stop & Think! - a powerful, attention-grabbing new meeting opener. Four minutes of dramatic injury re-enactments in a variety of work settings hold the viewer's attention. Whether it's distractions, being in a hurry, or just not paying attention, we can all relate to the causes of these mishaps. Stop & Think carries a message that is simple, yet important to our safety: Sometimes all it takes to prevent an injury is for each of us to take a moment to stop...and think.

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Distracted Driving: At What Cost

There's a lot of talk about this issue but most of us don't realize how often we're distracted while driving. A new study shows that up to 50% of crashes involve some sort of driver distraction. This safety course helps us become aware of this increasingly dangerous behavior. The video includes a two car crash that is investigated and shows how each driver was distracted leading up to the crash. It also includes an interview with a woman who was severely injured in a crash caused by a distracting cell phone conversation. Her parents also talk about how their entire family's lives were changed by the crash. There are two slightly different versions available. The only difference is the first two opening minutes. One opening features a quick series of humorous scenes that illustrate common driving distractions but we show them in non-driving situations to emphasize the foolishness of not focusing on the main task at hand.

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Boxcutter/Utility Knife Safety

Box cutters and utility knives are the most common tools used in any working environment. While it is perceived that cutting is a basic task which doesn’t involve any risks, the truth is that using cutters with sharp edged blades can be dangerously injurious.   With this Online Safety Training course, a trainee would be able to use the utility knife/box cutter with safety, without injuring oneself and others around.   The video in this free training course provides an excellent overview of utility Knife/box Cutter Safety. Filmed in a variety of work settings, the video begins with a series of mishaps caused by the unsafe use of utility knives. The mishaps are then carefully examined to reveal the underlying causes, as well as the steps that would prevent similar mishaps. Using this engaging style, the video covers the following material:   The proper use and handling of box cutters/utility knives Using the correct knife for the job Knife maintenance and inspection Proper blade changing and disposal  

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Operating Forklifts Safely

This safety course gives viewers a solid overview of forklift characteristics and safe forklift operation. It's a fast paced program featuring several dramatic reenactments of typical forklift mishaps. The Larry character is also featured, and you can only imagine some of the mistakes he makes - mistakes that viewers can learn from. The program covers the following material: * Forklift handling, stability and load limits * Understanding your forklift, forklift inspection, refueling & recharging * Picking up and placing loads, including elevated loads * General safe driving guidelines, operating around pedestrians and other forklifts

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Safely on Your Feet

Foot injuries and slips and falls are a major source of lost-time injuries. This program is concerned with keeping our feet safe - and keeping us safely on our feet. The video stresses the importance of matching your footwear to the potential hazards of the job. It clearly illustrates the importance of safety features such as toe protection, traction, and support. Many work environments and potential hazards are illustrated.

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Electrical Safety for Non-Electricians

Electrical Safety for Non-Electricians Online Training Course is designed for general employees to make them familiar with electrical hazards and help prevent common electrical injuries. This online training course provides valuable information which helps protect an employee on and off duty.   The topics that will be covered in this training course are: Basic Electrical Terms and Definitions Common Electrical Hazards Safety Practices to Prevent Injury   Included are several brief re-enactments of electrical mishaps. These will be reviewed to determine the primary contributing factors and to identify safe work practices that would prevent the mishap. The online training course also includes short interviews with people who have actually experienced electrical mishaps which will help reinforce the safety message.

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The Blindfold Effect

This dramatic & award winning course focuses on three driving situations that involve more than half of all collisions: following too closely, intersections and backing. Through collision reenactments and demonstrations of safe driving procedures, the video teaches tactical driving techniques that will improve every driver's skill and awareness. Designed to get employee participation. Features a unique interactive format.

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The Wake Up Call

This course offers a dramatic look at - Close Calls and Near Misses - an important safety topic that is often overlooked. Accidents are often preceded by some kind of close call involving unsafe conditions, unsafe actions or minor injuries. Through dramatic accident scenarios and "real life" interviews this video shows how to recognize these close calls and "Wake Up" to the danger they represent. Includes a comprehensive presenter's guidebook which provides suggestions on generating discussion on close calls.

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Safe Lifting

This video provides a step-by-step formula for safe lifting that also encourages the development of safe lifting habits. A wide variety of situations-both on and off the job-illustrate how frequently we are faced with the opportunity to improve our lifting skills and attitude.

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A series of workplace scenarios illustrate how employees often blame forces seemingly out of their control for mishaps. This innovative program trains them to ask three questions that can turn them from being RE-active to PRO-active about their safety.

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Lockout/Tagout: When Everyone Knows

This dramatic video will help you comply with 1910.147 by explaining critical lock-out/tag-out procedures. The program contains dramatic reenactments and wrong way/right way scenarios that clearly illustrate the importance of energy control and proper procedures.

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Eye Safety

This video delivers important information on eye protection with a unique emphasis on personal responsibility. The viewer is provided with three steps to eye safety that are extremely easy to relate to and understand. Interviews with "real" people who would have lost their eyesight if they hadn't been wearing eye protection provide powerful reinforcement for safe behavior.

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