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The Pain of Work-Setting Yourself Free Course

In this course, we focus on the four pain zones of the human body that are most susceptible to office work. The Head zone, the Neck and Shoulders Zone, The Back and Legs Zone, and the Tummy zone. Employees learn how to Break, Back Up, Look Away, and Walk Away, to improve their health at work. Managers learn how to create a plan for employees to help them eliminate their Pain in the Workplace. The end result: Decreased Disability claims, reduced absences and even increased productivity. It should take you approximately 40 minutes to get through this course. 

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Active Shooter ALERT: Staying Safe in the Workplace Course

In this course, Active Shooter ALERT: Staying Safe in the Workplace, we will cover the statistics on Private and Government Sector shootings, define the term, Workplace Violence, analyze the WHY behind workplace shootings, and the after effect of workplace shootings on an individual, as well as provide employers and employees with tips for staying safe in these frightful, yet real situations.

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Work Life Faith Balance Course

Welcome to Work/Life/Faith Balance: A Guide to Healthy Living. In this second module in the 'God's Way' Series, we will follow the story of Marla, a single, working mother of two, and try to help her 1) manage her time more effectively, and 2) make time for God, in order to enjoy life to the fullest, which will lead to a happier, healthier life. Within the offline activities, you will analyze your own life, and restructure your time to do the same. As a thank you for taking this course, you will enjoy a free mp3 download. A special song by Bethel Music.

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Edification and Our Role as Christians Course

Welcome to our new series of 10-minute modules entitled God’s Way, which are eLearning modules based on Christianity and Christian values, designed to help Christian non-profit organizations and their employees, educational institutions, congregations, mission and ministry leaders, and pastors, in their walk with Christ and in their ministry. These 10-minute mini modules incorporate audio and video, quality interactivity, scriptures, real-life examples, games, and worksheets, for you to download and use in your personal walk with Jesus Christ. You can even use the modules as a teaching tool for Bible study groups and use the worksheets for discussion activities! In a world where so many people are hurting one another with words and actions, it can be easy to forget the important tasks assigned to us by God. One of these tasks is to lift each other up with positive words, prayers and deeds. This is the essence of the term edification. Ephesians 4:11-16 Through the use of our smart phones, tablets, and even our computers, there are apps, news alerts, and social media videos, that remind us of the times we live in; remind us of a world that has lost its focus on family, worship, love, kindness, consideration, and caring. Somewhere along the way, we have lost our focus. In this module, you will regain that focus and learn some simple tips for practicing edification in your daily life, and hopefully some practices you can implement to spread the word in your communities as well.

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