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How to Build Rapport Course

Have you ever met somebody and just clicked instantly? That person was probably very skilled in building rapport.  Was is a natural gift or something they have taught themselves?  Who knows. The fact is, no matter who you are or where you work, knowing how to connect with people and build rapport will bring you countless opportunities and success. This course will focus on understanding what rapport is, and 5 tips to build it in face to face situations. It includes audio, video and interactive elements and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

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Excel Everest: Interactive, Comprehensive Excel Training

Excel Everest: Interactive, Comprehensive Excel Training   Excel Everest is an entirely different way to learn Excel. No, really. The whole Excel Everest experience takes place inside a giant interactive Excel workbook (called Excel Everest) that brings users step-by-step through 41+ business-critical topics, 160+ interactive, auto-graded exercises, and there's a scoreboard to measure progress along the way. Oh, and what Excel training would be complete without a dancing bear? (click "the fun button" once you're in Excel Everest). If helpful, watch a video overview of Excel Everest.    Who is Excel Everest for?    Your orgnization or employees may be a fit for Excel Everest if:  You need a comprehensive Excel training that covers all the essential business Excel skills, and with unlimited access and upgrades.  You need a training that covers all of your versioning needs, on both Mac & PC, including for Excel 2003, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2016  You realize that the best way to learn a complicated program like Excel is not by watching videos, but by going through exercises right there in an Excel document.  You'd like to use the same Excel training for your organization that companies like Google and Eventbrite use for their employees.  You want accountability, and a way to measure not if someone has watched a video, but if someone has completed the skill right there in Excel.    What is the concept behind Excel Everest?    The entire concept behind Excel Everest is that you can learn by doing. As you go through this course, you'll be guided on how to download the Excel Everest workbook. When you open it up, you'll see an index page with a set of 21 buttons that link you to the various areas of the workbook. And in each topic area, you'll:    Learn why a specific concept is important, especially for being successful in a corporation  Grasp the details on the topic through written explanations Go through a set of interactive Excersies that are categorized according to difficulty (easy, medium, and hard)   Best of all, as you complete these exercises, they're graded, so you can easily keep track of your progress through the course, see which topics you've made the most progress on, and earn badgeds for certain milestones.    What are the outcomes you should expect?    As a user, if you go through Excel Everest, you'll be able to go from knowing nothing (for those who need it, we cover the absolute basics), to a deep understanding of all of the business critical aspects of Excel. In no time, you'll have your colleagues asking you to teach them how to do a VLookup or set up a Pivot Table on their behalf.    As a training manager, you'll finally have a training system that provides interactivity, accountability, and a bit of fun along the way. Even small Excel errors can cost organizations an enormous amount of time, and even worse, inaccurate data can get reported up the chain and used for key business decisions. If you have limited training dollars to spend, you should put them toward Excel. An error in PowerPoint or Word doesn't result in catestrophic business outcomes. Excel Everest will help train on what matters most.  

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Online Aseptic Technique Training Course

OVERVIEW Healthcare-associated infections are a cause of great concern and are estimated to affect 2 million people each year. Those who work in the healthcare field should perform their duties in a manner that minimizes the spread of infectious microorganisms. Having a solid understanding and employing the principles of aseptic technique will help reach this goal. LEARNING OBJECTIVES  Know why asepsis is important in the health care setting Explain the difference between medical and surgical asepsis Understand the chain of infection Identify methods of decreasing the spread of infection Understand the steps in routine hand hygiene and a surgical hand scrub Be familiar with the different ways one can correctly apply sterile gowns and gloves Identify the main principles of surgical asepsis

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OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Training Course

By the end of this self-study, educational module, the user should: Be able to define “bloodborne pathogen” Be able to identify methods of bloodborne pathogen transmission and prevention Have an understanding of Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV infection Explain the concepts of Universal Precautions and Standard Precautions Be familiar with OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Standard Understand the purpose of personal protective equipment Understand the concepts of work practice and engineering controls Know what to do if he/she is exposed to blood or OPIM

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HIPAA for Health Care Workers Course

This online HIPAA training course is designed to educate Health Care Workers on HIPAA privacy and security laws. As a health care worker, maintaining the HIPAA privacy and security of patient information is crucial. A solid understanding of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability of 1996 (HIPAA) is necessary to achieve this. However, HIPAA legislation is complex and robust. It has had many changes and additions since its creation in 1996. Most recently, the The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, enacted as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and the Final Ominibus Rule of 2013 have: Strengthened existing HIPAA compliance requirements for Privacy and Security Expanded individuals' rights relating to their Protected Health Information (PHI) Increased enforcement of HIPAA, including higher fines for non-compliance Addressed notifications for breaches of PHI This HIPAA course provides a comprehensive and in-depth look at HIPAA compliance legislation as it pertains to a health care worker, so that Protected Health Information is properly used and disclosed. Understand the purpose of HIPAA laws Explain the changes implemented to HIPAA by the Omnibus Final Rule Identify the key elements of the HIPAA Privacy Rule, HIPAA Security Rule, and HIPAA Enforcement Rule Explain the process for Breach Notification Understand the Unique Identifiers and Transaction and Code Set Rules Be aware of how to apply these rules to his/her daily practice as a health care worker

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HIPAA for Business Associates Course

Includes HIPAA Privacy and Security, Confidentiality, ARRA / HITECH and Omnibus Rule in a single learning module. HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and is a U.S. federal law enacted in 1996 as an attempt at incremental healthcare reform. Provide a comprehensive look at HIPAA legislation as it applies to a Business Associate. The Omnibus Final Rule greatly increased Business Associates’ liabilities related to HIPAA compliance. To ensure privacy of protectedl health information and to avoid potential civil and criminal penalties, it is imperative that Business Associates have a solid understanding of this complex legislation. Understand the purpose of HIPAA legislation Explain the changes implemented to HIPAA by the Omnibus Final Rule Identify the key elements of the Privacy Rule, Security Rule, and Enforcement Rule Explain the process for Breach Notification Understand the Unique Identifiers and Transaction and Code Set Rules Be aware of how to apply these rules to his/her functions as a Business Associate

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Social Engineering Course

In today’s world, lots of people spend their lives connected to the internet.  We order shopping online, we bank online and we connect online.  Gone are the days of writing a letter to a friend, now we would use phone, instant message or email to connect. With the invention of the computer, came the invention of malicious software.  With the invention of the internet, came the invention of phishing.  And with the invention of telephone banking, came the invention of pretexters. You may think that your computer firewall or anti-virus software completely protects you, when in fact social engineers use our humanity against us to get the information they need.  This course will give you a solid foundation of these three types of attack. This course takes 15-20 minutes to complete.

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Discovering Emotional Intelligence

Understanding and mastering your emotional intelligence can be challenging, but it is worth investing your time in.  Emotional Intelligence is seen, by some, to be more important than IQ.  That’s why you need to do everything you can to understand and increase your own Emotional Intelligence. This course is split into 4 modules: Knowing yourself In this module you will understand the basics of Emotional Intelligence and discover how Emotionally Intelligent you are.  This module will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. Self Management In this module you will discover how to understand and manage your emotions.  This module will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. Relationships In this module you will look at how emotions can affect relationships, in the workplace and in day to day life.  This module will take approximately 8 minutes to complete. EI in the workplace The final module looks at how you can use Emotional Intelligence when giving feedback and working in groups.  This module will take approximately 6 minutes to complete.

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Write Better Email: Learn How To Write an Effective Business Email Course

In this course, users will learn how to save up to an hour a day at work by practicing how to write effective business emails. Users will learn email-writing strategies and best practices that they can begin using right away. Through hands-on writing exercises and a quiz, they will learn how to write business emails that avoid a lot of unnecessary back and forth and gets the results they want the first time.

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Write Better Email: Learn What Makes an Effective Business Email Course

In this course, users will learn how to save up to an hour a day at work by incorporating the elements of effective email into their email writing. They'll learn what gets an email noticed, opened, read, and acted upon promptly. Through interactive exercises, they'll be able to write more effective emails using these elements.

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Write Better Email: Learn the Best Uses for Business Email Course

In this course, users will find out how to save up to an hour a day by learning when it makes sense to use email and when not to use email. They'll learn about the four best uses for business email: to inform, to make requests, to answer questions, and to document. The course walks users through plenty of examples, and a quiz at the end tests what they have learned.

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Write Better Email Master Course: Learn How To Save Time, Frustration, and Get the Results You Want Course

In this course, your users will learn how to write business emails more effectively and save up to an hour a day at work. Your organization's productivity will soar with fewer back-and-forth email exchanges and email chains. Through hands-on exercises and quizzes, users will understand the principles of effective email and practice writing email that gets the results they want the first time. This master course combines three Write Better Email courses: Learn the Best Uses for Business Email Learn What Makes an Effective Business Email Learn How To Write an Effective Business Email

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Affirmative Action for Talent Acquisition

Developed by leading experts in affirmative action, this 30- minute eLearning course focuses on the role Talent Acquisition plays in maintaining Affirmative Action compliance during the recruitment and selection process. From outreach efforts to the definition of an Internet Applicant, employees with talent acquisition responsibilities  hold duties that put them on the front lines of AA/EEO compliance. This course provides the critical information they need to prevent violating OFCCP and EEOC federal regulations. We also recommend registering for Introduction to Affirmative Action for a more comprehensive understanding of federal requirements that impact recruitment activities.

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Active Shooter ALERT: Staying Safe in the Workplace Course

In this course, Active Shooter ALERT: Staying Safe in the Workplace, we will cover the statistics on Private and Government Sector shootings, define the term, Workplace Violence, analyze the WHY behind workplace shootings, and the after effect of workplace shootings on an individual, as well as provide employers and employees with tips for staying safe in these frightful, yet real situations.

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Working from the Heart - A Way of Life Course

If you are taking this course, you have probably been instructed to do so by your manager and your manager has probably begun practicing a radical new philosophy of managing.  This new philosophy, "Managing from the Heart," is designed to teach managers how to engineer a work environment in which employees are provided an opportunity to acquire the necessary tools, interaction, and instruction that will propel the employee to success.  This course is for you, the employee, and is designed to create the awareness and understanding necessary to take full advantage of this environment opportunity.  The employee who embraces this philosophy will begin a journey of growth in which he or she will develop "personal power," allowing the individual to succeed at whatever they attempt.

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Business Process Management System Course

If you are in charge for the success of a business process, then this course on Managing Business Process would come in handy for you. In about 2 hours, we will introduce you to some of the important concepts and tools such Business Process Management Systems ( BPMS), challenges in handling business processes, various process mapping techniques, etc.

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The Manager as Orchestra Leader Course

Taken from the book and course, "Managing from the Heart - A Way of Life," this course guides the manager through the steps to effectively conduct his or her staff like a "finely tuned orchestra."  The manager will learn the problems associated with "Starting Up a Department from Scratch," "Inheriting an Established Department," and "Maintaining an Established Department."  Our "Managing from the Heart" philosophy will instruct the manager how to develop staff that manages themselves and is willing to go to war for him or her.

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Target and Awareness Advertising Course

This module will take about 30 minutes to complete. Target advertising channels send your message to a specific target market, while awareness advertising channels send your message to a broad audience (which may include your target prospects). This lesson covers channels such as: Target: Trade publications Website Internet Search Engine Optimization Sponsorships Associations Networking Awareness: Broadcast (radio and television) Outdoor Newspaper Magazines

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Strategy and Planning Course

This module will take about 35 minutes to complete. For many small and mid-size businesses, marketing is reactive rather than strategic. But a clearly defined plan is essential to reach your goals. This lesson simplifies the components of marketing strategy and advertising campaign development. Understand and implement concepts such as: SCOT analysis Market potential Messages Advertising channels Tracking & analysis

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Preparing for Sales Activities Course

This module will take about 25 minutes to complete. Proper preparation enables you to maximize your time, build credibility with your contact, and speed up the sales process, which in turn means fewer stalls and objections. This lesson helps you develop the skills necessary to effectively prospect in person, by phone or through networking activities.

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