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Neuroawareness in Leadership and Negotiation - Session 01

The "Neuroawareness in Leadership and Negotiation" program includes 14 on-demand sessions about the emotional, social and cognitive brain. This first FREE session is an introduction to the full program and an introduction of the human brain. To purchase the full program, please click here. The full syllabus of the program is the following: 1.Introduction of the human brain (part 1) 2.Introduction of the brain (part 2) 3.Patterns, memories, perceptions and biases. 4.The emotional brain 5.The social brain (part 1) : the three key drivers of socialization. 6.The social brain (part 2): empathy and in-group feelings, a brain-based model of cooperation. 7.The cognitive brain (1): attention and creativity 8.The cognitive brain (2) : priming and emotional regulation techniques 9.The cognitive brain (3): learning, refleXive or refleCtive cognitive modes, decision-making and willpower 10.The brain across ages and genders 11.Mindfulness 12.Managing intercultural situations 13.Optimizing collaboration in your organization 14.About change

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