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Fundamentals of Project Management for Development Organizations

This course focuses on concepts and practices related to development projects. It is our hope that the ideas and methodologies presented in the course of the following modules, and in the other books of the PM4DEV series, are proven useful to anyone who is engaged in managing projects in the development countries. We hope that this experience helps bring sustainable benefits to the communities and beneficiaries who need it the most. The course consists of six modules, each module presents ideas and concepts with the aid of charts and graphics to help increase your understanding. After each module you will have an opportunity to review the main topics with a short test. The course has been designed for no more that 120 minutes. You can take the course and its modules at your own pace, the menu and index can help you move around the course and take each module and each lesson independently. To help you increase your knowledge, many modules include links to documents that you can open and read at your own time, all the documents are in Adobe PDF format

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