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Effective Meetings Course

Effective meetings are indispensable vehicles for action and performance on different organizational levels. This course reviews various types of meetings and analyzes the conditions that must be fulfilled to ensure their effectiveness. Pay close attention, as your role, as a meeting participant, is key for having effective meetings!

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Group Dynamics Course

Group performance has a substantial impact on goal accomplishments and employee satisfaction. This course reviews the role of groups within an organization and the various factors that influence the functioning of a group. The overview will help you to evaluate the performance of groups and teams that you are a member of!

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Generations in the Workplace Course

This course examines the differences between Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and the new Millenials (Gen Y(Why?) in the workplace. The generational influences of each group are examined as well as the cultural impact on the workplace. Methods for closing the generational gap are discussed as well as techniques for effective intergenerational teams.

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Finance Course

Finance is the art of raising, managing and making money in business. It’s not a synonym for accounting, nor is it interchangeable with banking. This course explores the definition of finance, record keeping terminology, GAAP, the balance sheet, and credits and debits.

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Ergonomics Course

Industrial ergonomics is a health and safety course that covers the steps that you can implement to reduce employee injuries. This eLearning course explains the importance of using ergonomics in industrial environments to reduce potential injuries. Employees learn how to identify ergonomic risk factors, potential injuries and methods to minimize or eliminate industrial ergonomic hazards.

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Effective Complaint Handling Course

Dissatisfied customers can become irrational, irate and even abusive towards Customer Service Representatives. Organizations need to be able to address the needs of such customers in a professional and positive manner. This course describes how to properly support an irrational customer, handle emotional and rambling customers, and how to best resolve customer complaints.

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