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Excellent Customer Service - 1-Day ILT

This package includes an instructor manual and student activities needed to present a 1-day instructor-led training course. The global marketplace and other changes in society have created a heightened need for businesses to compete on many levels. There is a growing awareness that companies need to improve customer service to distinguish themselves in a competitive marketplace. Business need to find a way to stand out from the crowd and a good way to do this is when their staff has excellent customer service. This course defines basic customer service principles and provides steps towards service improvement. This course focuses on building skills and confidence in customer contact situations, such as providing support and dealing with cultural differences and conflict situations. Participants will learn to develop professional attitudes and manage personal development, such as integrity, entrepreneurship, and self-reflection. This course is designed for new or intending sales consultants, customer service advisors, and administrators. No previous experience or training in business skills is required, though participants should possess basic literacy and discussion skills and ideally will be active contributors. Participants will be tested on both knowledge and skills. Assessment methods in this course are discussions, role plays and self-evaluation. After completing the course, participants will individually be able to apply excellent customer service skills on the job and will have a professional development plan ready in order to keep improving customer relations. Both will contribute to your customer’s satisfaction, which is extremely important for a business to stand out from the crowd. At the conclusion of this training program, the participants should each be able to: Demonstrate excellent customer service. Explain how organizational culture drives customer service and how a business can benefit from a service culture. Explain how today’s society influences customer service. Develop a personal action plan to improve customer service skills.

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HR Compliance Training Program

Compliance is a hot topic today. HR management is an integral part of success in any organization. There are ample reasons highlighting the importance of Human Resource Management. This e-learning course provides a comprehensive package that includes all the required compliance training to help you meet your organization's needs and legal requirements.

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Leads, Cover Letters & Follow-Up

This course reviews the steps in finding leads, writing cover letters, and following-up with potential employers. These are the most critical components of the hiring process, since they open the door to the application process. The lessons contained in this course will provide you with a huge advantage over other applicants.

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Jobing Smarter

This is the most comprehensive job winning course ever offered online. It’s the course that your competition doesn’t want you to take. Jobing Smarter Not Harder! contains hundreds of techniques that can be used to maximize your success at resume and cover letter writing, professional networking, interviewing smart, and even negotiating salary offers. This course is designed to help both the seasoned job hunter and novice. The ultimate winner of a job is not necessarily the person who is most skilled for the position, but the individual who is most skilled at the jobing process. In this exciting course you will: Learn how to find jobs before they are advertised Learn effective resume and cover letter writing techniques Learn how to find and contact decision makers Uncover interview secrets Learn preparation techniques for behavioral interviewing Understand the negotiation process In addition you will gain access to: An index of over 40 job boards Lists of common interview questions Salary negotiation tips Resume templates Cover letter templates Thank you letter secrets Resume formats and tips Cover letter techniques Checklists And much, much, more!

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