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The Stylish Woman at Work (part 1) Body Shape

The 1st step in becoming a stylish woman is to identify your body shape.  This is crucial in learning to choose the most flattering clothes for you. Once you know your body shape you can flaunt or accentuate her best assets. This will also help to disguise the less desirable body features. The female body shapes are determined by 3 physical inflexion points, which are torso, waist and hips. It’s important to know that all these shapes come in all sizes. Weight fluctuates but shape rarely does. There are 5 body shapes: hourglass, pear, rectangle, inverted triangle and diamond. Go through this course and you will find the most flattering clothes for each body shape and ideas of how to wear them at work. More than 26 clothes items explained and exemplified in pictures for each body type. Know your body. Love it. Cherish it and choose the clothes that ate most flattering for you.

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The Stylish Woman at Work Course

The course teaches you how to become a stylish woman at work and afterhours.  The journey of learning how to dress well at work takes you to more than 100 pages of images and explanations. After this course you will master the pillars of dressing well at work and afterhours. Start by understanding your body shape and choosing the most flattering clothes for it. Then continue with learning about the 9 styles of dressing and discover your unique style. Once you become skilled at flattering your body shape with the right clothes and playing with styles then you can get creative and learn about different ways to wear items from your wardrobe. Also you will choose only the right fashion trends for you.

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The Stylish Woman at Work (part 3) - 25 ways to wear different items from your wardrobe (white shirt, skinny jeans) and how to make fashion trens wearable for work

Get ideas on how to wear different items from your wardrobe. Find 25 ways to wear a white shirt and another 25 ways to wear skinny jeans at work. These are pillars of any wardrobe. Then make your own exercise to find many ways to wear your trench coat or your preferred top. You’ll be surprised how creative you can be when you focus on a flattering item from your wardrobe and try to match it in as may outfits as possible. 

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The Stylish Woman at Work (part 2) Style Personality

The 2nd step in becoming a stylish woman is to identify your style personality.  Women with similar body shapes may have different clothing style preferences. A woman with a pear shape would feel great wearing high heels and dress while another woman with a similar shape would prefer a casual look on daily basis. Understanding styles is more important than matching colors. Once you master styles, you identified your dominant style and you know which clothes belong to each style you can start combining them and create coherent looks. The safest way to dress is to stick to your main style once you know it. Combine at most 2 styles to stay coherent in your looks. There are 9 style personalities. Go through the course to find out which is yours. And then get inspiration on how to choose clothes for your style and how to wear them to flaunt your assets and be a stylish woman at work  More than 100 pictures with explanations will take your through this journey of identifying your style personality. 

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