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The Request for Proposal (RFP)

In this course you will learn to recognize the function and elements of an RFP, and understand its role in the supplier selection process. The course will demonstrate how to: – Initiate and manage the RFP process – Identify critical stakeholder requirements – Build an effective RFP – Evaluate RFP responses – Use the RFP scorecard to select a supplier – Outline a Service Level Agreement

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In this course, you will learn: The relationship between Supply Chain Management and Logistics How Logistics can provide a competitive advantage The mission of logistics management How the logistics environment is changing

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Price Analysis for Sourcing and Procurement

This course examines the various aspects of pricing that are keys to effectively controlling the organization’s supply management operations, examining those elements operating in the market that affect prices. It will provide the tools needed to properly analyze prices, develop an understanding of how market conditions affect prices and enable you to determine what constitutes a fair and reasonable price. By taking this course, you will learn how to: · Identify the typical elements of supplier pricing · Recognize the components of value · Appreciate the nature of risk · Understand the concept of Total Cost of Ownership · Define negotiating issues related to price

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Spend Analysis

In this course, you will learn how to effectively conduct spend analysis. This course will provide you with an understanding of spend analysis, show you how to gather and use existing data to perform spend analysis, show you how to ratiionalize the data you have gathered and enable you to develop your own spend analysis program.

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Market Research for Sourcing and Procurement

In this course, you will learn how to conduct market research to identify qualified (or qualifiable) suppliers or contractors that can meet your organization's requirements. The course includes an overview of market research, methods of conducting market research, sources of information and documentation. It contains a number of brief review questions and the submission of a case study analysis for review and feedback by one of our instructors.

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Contract Administration

Contract Administration Training Course examines critical duties performed by a personnel during contract administration. In this online training course a candidate will learn:   How to administer a contract after it is awarded How to terminate a contract How to close out a contract once it is completed This training course contains information on the following:   Contract administration objectives Post-award activities Planning Roles and Responsibilities Terminations Contract Closeout

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Best Value and Total Cost of Ownership

In this course, you will learn to recognize the elements that comprise best value and total cost of ownership, and how to evaluate them. • TCO and Best Value Concepts • TCO Elements • Best Value Considerations • TCO Teams • TCO and Supplier Innovation

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Supply Planning

This course provides the fundamentals that will enable you to: - Recognize the linkage of strategic supply planning with business strategy - Understand the importance of managing forecast error - Apply demand management principles - Appreciate the use of sales and operations planning - Understand the drivers of master production scheduling

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Negotiation Strategy

This course provides practical guidelines for planning successful negotiations. You will learn how to: Develop a negotiation strategy Effectively select and use your team Establish and implement a negotiation plan

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Negotiation Techniques

This course provides practical guidelines for conducting successful negotiations. You will learn how to: Recognize common negotiating styles Create non-price value through negotiations Employ useful negotiating tactics

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