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Knowing Your Audience: Personality Style and Types

It's important to learn how to present your insights, findings, and recommendations to your audience. And, there is an art to this process. A particular way of presenting information may be very effective to one person, but not a different person. Some people want to see all data, while others want just the highlights. Some people are quick to make decisions, while others take their time and want to make sure everyone is in agreement. This document introduces a useful framework called the Personality Map to understanding your audience and adapting your presentation style to that audience. With this framework, you can identify what type of personality your audience is and thus structure both the slide content and your delivery style to accommodate that audience.

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Impact-Based Sales Presentations Course

This module will take about 45 minutes to complete. A solution-based sales presentation ties together all the other parts of the sales process and positions you for the final close. This lesson covers: Proper preparation for solutions presentations Appropriate presentation types based on the opportunity Identification of tools and resources for a successful presentation A tried-and-true presentation model that fits most any sales program Building your own presentation components

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Powerful Presentations - How to Give The Best Presentations of Your Life

Successful people share many common traits, but the ability to speak well is fundamental. Many executives can attribute their success directly to their ability to speak confidently and persuasively in important situations. As many as 3 out of 4 people however, are held back from this success due to a fear of speaking in front of other people. Whether you are giving a sales presentation, or speaking before a Board of Directors, the more skilled you are in presentation, the higher your compensation. These are critical skills for anyone who aspires to climb the ladder of success.

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Company Overview Presentations Course

This module will take about 25 minutes to complete. This module addresses “selling your company” through a capabilities presentation, one of the most crucial steps of the sales process. Learn how to: Prepare to give a powerful company overview presentation Identify and develop all the key components of company overview presentations Create your own company overview presentation Create different versions of company overview presentations

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Capture, Connect and Inspire Action through Virtual Presentations and Webinars (Course)

Webinars and virtual presentations are a great way to connect with clients and potential customers. Without the knowledge of how to capture, connect and inspire action with virtual audiences, you can miss the powerful opportunity that webinars provide to get personal time with participants, build trust and grow your influence and thought leadership. Don't miss out on how to get started or take your virtual events to the next level by learning how to design live virtual experiences for successful delivery, perfect your virtual presentation skills, develop deep audience connections virtually that build trust and influence, as well as, the steps to take on event day to make it memorable. This course offers 20 action exercises that walk you through the steps you need to implement your own engaging webinars and virtual events. Four modules of content are broken out into 23 short chapters of video content that result in almost 3 hours of content, which can be used as a continued reference source.

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Storyboarding and Presentation Writing

You may have heard that management consultants spend the majority of their time cranking out PowerPoint slides. There is much truth to do this--and for good reason. A PowerPoint presentation is not only a great communication tool, it is also the form of most consulting deliverables--i.e. the end product purchased by the client. The presentation must lay out the recommended solutions, the the key takeaways, and analyses performed. You may have done the most thorough, bullet-proof analysis and formulated the best strategic recommendation. However, all this is worthless, if you can't communicate it clearly and in a compelling way through your PowerPoint slides. This presentation focuses on the art of presentation development. Topics covered include storyboarding, pyramid logic structure, rule of 2, document writing principles, and slide structuring. It also includes a training exercise.

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Mastering Your Presentation Skills: How to Speak in Front of People Course

The main objective of this session is to teach you presentation skills and help you conquer the task of speaking in front of people. By the time this session is over, you should be able to learn how to deal with stress related to public speaking; prepare a presentation; deliver a presentation, and give your audience something of value. Duration: 40 minutes.

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Beyond Bullet Points 101

Transform your presentations with Beyond Bullet Points 101! This online training course will take you step-by-step through the process of creating an outstanding presentation beyond bullet points -- and help you to build your own personal presentation along the way. With this training program, you'll learn how to create stimulating presentations while modeling leadership in the workplace.   The course modules include: Previewing the Route You'll Take with BBP (12:48) - Module 1: Comparing Two PowerPoint Routes, and Two Outcomes  (26:55) Module 2: Igniting Your Ideas by Sparking Emotion  (36:53) Module 3: Revving Your Intellectual Engine by Prioritizing Your Ideas  (31:25) Module 4: Shifting from Words to Pictures by Setting Up your Storyboard  (47:29) Module 5: Stepping on the Gas by Quickly Adding Graphics  (26:56) Module 6: Crossing the Finish Line with Engaging Delivery  (24:33)   Each module features narration, examples, downloads, and interactive quizzes to test your knowledge - once you enroll you'll have full access to the course for 1 year. Total Course Running Time: 207 minutes (3 hours 27 minutes)   Note: In order to access the course downloads, you will need to allow pop-up windows with the Coggno website. If you use a Safari browser, you will need to deselect the "Block Pop-Up Windows" feature in the Safari menu in order to download documents from the Download tab in the course.  If you use Google Chrome and run into a problem with the downloads, you may need to use an alternate browser.

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Communication (Course)

A paper describing the key elements of Communication with the context of change including Communication Guidelines, Creating Awareness, Different Messages, Channels for Building Awareness, a simple 4-stage Communication Framework, examples of Communication Models, examples of the use of Existing Internal Communication Channels, examples of Communication problems, examples of Measuring and Tracking Communication effectiveness.  

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Presentation Development Primer (Storyboarding, Slide Design) (Course)

This is a 28-slide PowerPoint. This document teaches the basics of developing an effective business presentation. It covers methodologies widely practiced by top management consulting firms, such as McKinsey, Bain, and BCG. This document is divided into 3 sections: *Storyboarding. Storyboarding refers to developing the "story" that the presentation will follow. Please note there are many different frameworks for creating storyboards. This just covers one of the methods. *Slide Structuring. Ever notice how you can spot a consulting deck almost immediately? They embody a similar look and feel. This section dissects the framework used to create the consulting slide, which consists of a Headline, Body, and Bumper. *Graph Design. This section teaches you how to select the proper graph for your slide. Presentation development is a useful skill to have, because presentations is one of the mostly used communication tools in any workplace. Furthermore, presentations are work products that are easily and widely circulated both within and to outside an organization. For a consultant, this skill is even more critical, because PowerPoint presentations are often all that is left with the client after the engagement ends.

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Consolidation-Endgame Curve Framework (Course)

This is a 29-slide PowerPoint. The Consolidation Curve, or Endgame Curve, is a framework based on the theory that all industries consolidate and follow a similar course through the 4 stages of: Opening, Scale, Focus, and Balance & Alliance. This framework is based on a study of 25,000 firms globally, representing 98% of the global market cap, conducted by the strategy consulting firm AT Kearney. The Consolidation Curve shows that merger actions and consolidation trends can be predicted. Using the Consolidation Curve as guidance, a business can strengthen its consolidation strategies and facilitate merger integrations. A niche player can also determine the appropriate niche strategy to use and when is the best time to be acquired. Every major strategic and operational move should be evaluated with regard to the industry's stage in the Consolidation Curve. Likewise, endgames positioning also offers a guide for portfolio optimization. This document explains the framework in detail and includes case examples and PowerPoint templates. Topics include: * Stages of Consolidation * Growth strategy implications * Stage impact on financials (e.g. revenue growth, profitability) * Stage impact on strategy and operations * Stage impact on management/organization * Value-Building Growth Matrix * Niche strategies

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Presentation Skills Course

Many studies have found that public speaking is the number one fear amongst most people, outranking flying, snakes, insects, and even death. Ironically, it is also one of the skills that can make or break a person's career. Your participants will be provided a strong set of skills that will complement their current presentation skill set. The Presentation Skills workshop will give participants some presentation skills that will make speaking in public less terrifying and more enjoyable. This workshop includes topics that participants can look forward to including: creating a compelling program, using various types of visual aids, and engaging the audience.

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Powerful Presentations (Course)

This module will take about 30 minutes to complete. Audiences decide if a presentation is worth paying attention to in the first 1-2 minutes. To be an effective presenter, there are multiple factors to consider and skills to develop. In this course, through the use of application exercises and a rich multimedia process, you will learn the key skills to creating powerful presentations that get results.

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Train the Trainer Course V2.6 Course

Train the Trainer Overview Courses/Programs: Use to apply for a new course, renew/ modify an existing course, or update training provider contact information. Instructors: Use when schools want to add an instructor to an existing course or program. Proctors: Use when schools want to add a proctor to an existing course or program. Designated Examiners: Use to apply as a new designated examiner or to renew/ modify an existing designated examiner. Qualified Assessors: Use to apply as a new qualified assessor or to renew/modify an existing qualified assessor.

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Mastering Social Media for Job Seekers & Career Advancers

The Froogle Difference The Froogle Institute for Social Media was established to provide job seekers and employers with an industry-recognized training program on the relevant elements of social media.. We strive to foster relevant and sustainable market presence for our students alike. Under this model, the program integrates the academic rigor of real-world expertise of leading industry training. The Froogle Value? With CNN reporting “that social media skills are the #1 job skill requirement by employers”. Froogle Resources Center teaches our students how to transfer their skills learned to the workplace immediately. Our custom workshops and training programs are structured to help our students best prepare for re-entering the job market by adapting social media best practices. We currently conduct weekly social media workshops at the One Stop Employment Center in White Plains NY, Greater Westchester Chambers of Commence, and Score of New York. Our program has been very successful in helping unemployed men and women get back into the workplace faster. Our team of candidates are professionally prepared, highly motivated with relevant real life experience. Froogle Institute Resource Center Understands without individuals with relevant jobs skills, it’s nearly impossible to achieve and deliver results for your company. Locating and securing top talent has become an increase difficult task What We Offer Froogle can provide your company with trained social media candidate that can satisfy your targeted objectives. Free Social Media Temporary and Permanent Placement We save you time and money by finding candidates that fit your company objective. Your company will never be charged a fee for our placement services only a one-time annual membership fee of $199.00 Social Media Management, Marketing & Consultant Services We can accommodate short and long term outsourcing of social media projects managed through our remote work space system. Professional On-site Social Media Staff Training. Our professional brand builder program creates a professional style and profile and continual education support makes our candidates stand out head and shoulders above other candidates. Professional Employee Social Profiles Personal brand site that help showcase their work, depict there affiliations, or highlight and professional activities. making your staff and executives more valuable. Log on to our website and register for your membership or give us a call, one of our placement coordinators will assist you with choosing the right candidate for your needs. phone: (914)372-7800 fax: (914)3727767 520 White Plains Rd. Suite 5064 - Tarrytown, NY 10591

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Effective Presentation through Storyboarding (Course)

This document teaches the basics of developing an effective business presentation based on the storyboarding approach.  Storyboarding refers to developing the "story" that the presentation will follow. This document presents the A3 storyboard format for problem solving which was developed by Toyota and used by many consulting firms and other organizations.  CONTENTS 1. Introduction to Storyboarding What is a storyboard? Seven elements of A3 storyboarding What is an A3 storyboard? Three types of A3 storyboard When to use an A3 storyboard Why use an A3 storyboard format A3 storyboard is based on the PDCA approach Relationship between PDCA and A3 Key points for A3 storyboard Adapt the storyboard to your target audience 2. Storyboarding: Step-by- step Step 1: Theme Step 2: Background Step 3: Current State Step 4: Goal Step 5: Analysis Step 6: Countermeasures Step 7: Implementation/Check Results Step 8: Follow Up

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