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Forklift - Classroom V2.16 Course

1910.178 - Each year, tens of thousands of injuries related to powered industrial trucks (PIT), or forklifts, occur in US workplaces. Many employees are injured when lift trucks are inadvertently driven off loading docks, lifts fall between docks and an unsecured trailer, they are struck by a lift truck, or when they fall while on elevated pallets and tines. Most incidents also involve property damage, including damage to overhead sprinklers, racking, pipes, walls, and machinery. Unfortunately, most employee injuries and property damage can be attributed to lack of safe operating procedures, lack of safety-rule enforcement, and insufficient or inadequate training.

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Introduction to Rough Terrain Forklift Safety Course

OSHA reports that about 35,000 serious injuries are caused annually by forklift accidents and many more lesser injuries. Both drivers and other workers are hurt. In addition to injuries, forklift accidents frequently cause expensive damage to materials and structures. Why Training about "Rough Terrain Forklift Safety Training" Matters Most rough terrain forklift accidents are caused by operator error. Experience proves that operators who are properly trained, keep within the forklift’s load capacity, and follow rules of safe operation to avoid tipovers and accidents. In one recent year,OSHA cited 2,858 violations of rules related to powered industrial trucks and assessed nearly $1.8 million in penalties. According to U.S.government statistics, forklift-related accidents account for nearly 20,000 injuries and nearly 100 fatalities per year.

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